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User manual Philips, model FC6842 Triathlon

Manafacture: Philips
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manual abstract

vacuuming liquids and shampooing), never forget to: - remove the micro filter and the paper or cotton dustbag; - insert the red diffuser and the float unit. I Check if the voltage indicated on the type plate corresponds to the local mains voltage before you connect the appliance.You can find the type plate on the bottom of the motor unit. I Do not insert the mains plug into the wall socket until the appliance is completely ready for use. Make sure that your hands and the mains plug are dry when connecting or disconnecting the appliance. I Always remove the mains plug from the wall socket: - if the appliance does not function properly; ENGLISH 9 - before cleaning the appliance; - before opening the container. I Only vacuum dry materials and dust if the paper or cotton dustbag has been inserted into the appliance . I Never vacuum ashes (from ashtrays and fireplaces) until they are completely cold. I Never vacuum petrol, white spirit, gas oil, paraffin oil or other inflammable or explosive liquids. I Do not use the appliance in rooms with explosive vapours (petrol, thinners, solvents). I When vacuuming ashes, fine sand, lime, cement dust and similar substances, the pores of the paper dustbag may become clogged. In this case the paper dustbag must be replaced, even if is not full yet. I Only use Athena paper dustbags or the cotton dustbag. Dustbags can be obtained from your dealer. For type numbers, see the table in 'Accessories' . I Do not use the vacuum cleaner without the motor protection filter. I Never immerse the motor unit in water. I Never point the jet of shampoo at plugs, sockets or electrical appliances. I Only switch the pump on if the shampoo reservoir has been filled, placed into the appliance and connected by means of the two shampoo hoses. Switch the pump off as soon as the shampoo reservoir is empty. The pump may get damaged if it runs dry I Keep the appliance and the cleaning liquid out of reach of children. I Always switch the appliance off after use and remove the mains plug from the wall socket. I Always empty, clean and dry the container after wet use. Let the appliance suck in dry air for few minutes to dry the inside of the tubes and hose.This prevents an unpleasant smell from occuring the next time you use the vacuum cleaner. It also prevents the paper dustbag from becoming wet. I To extend its life, the shampoo pump should be cleaned with a mixture of water and white vinegar once a year. Follow the instructions in chapter 'Cleaning and maintenance'. I Do not store the appliance at temperatures below 0°C to prevent it from freezing. I Do not point the hose at the eyes or ears nor put it in your mouth when the vacuum cleaner is switched on and the hose is connected to the vacuum cleaner. I If the mains cord or another part of this appliance is damaged, it must only be replaced by Philips or a service centre authorised by Philips in order to avoid hazardous situations. I Noise level: Lc= 81 dB [A] Preparing for use Connecting and disconnecting accessories Hose To connect the hose, insert it into the hose connector while turning it clockwise a little (fig. 1). _2 To disconnect the hose, pull it out of the hose connector while turning it anticlockwise a little (fig. 2). Tube To connect the tube, press the spring-loaded button and insert the narrow section into the wider section.The button will pop up when inserted properly into the opening (fig. 3). _2 To disconnect the tube, press the spring-loaded button and pull the sections away from each other. Nozzle You can connect the nozzle to the tube (fig. 30). _2 If you wish to have the nozzle close at hand (e.g. to clean stairs, upholstery, tapestries), you can connect the nozzle directly to the handgrip (fig. 4). 10 ENGLISH Dry or wet vacuuming Prepare the vacuum cleaner for either dry vacuuming or wet vacuuming. B NB:The appliance is ready for wet use when you remove it from the box to start using it for the first time. Preparing for dry vacuuming Always remove the float unit and the diffuser and insert the micro filter (specific types only) and the paper or cotton dustbag before vacuuming dry substances. 11 Always remove the mains plug from the wall socket first. 2| Detach the shampoo hose by turning it clockwise (1) and pulling it (2) (fig. 5). 3 Remove the shampoo reservoir (fig. 6). 4| Undo the clamps (fig. 7). 5 Lift the motor unit from the container by means of the handle (fig. 8). 6 Turn the motor unit upside down (fig. 9). 7| Remove the diffuser (fig. 10). 8 Remove the float unit (fig. 11). 9 Insert a (new) dustbag. Press and hold the red lever when placing the cardboard front into the holder (fig. 12). >0 First insert the bottom edge (l).Then press the top edge into place (2) (fig. 13). Make sure that the two projections of the cardboard front point downwards and that the centre of the bottom edge rests on the ridge of the holder II Slide the holder with dustbag into the applia...


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