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User manual SoundMax, model SM-2503

Manafacture: SoundMax
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manual abstract

Your unit will not work normally from the battery supply, but there is now the advantage that, in case there is a mains current failure, your clock will continue to work. The clock display will not light up, the clock time will be held in the clock memory by the battery back-up system. • This enables you to move the unit from place to place without resetting the clock every time. The battery back-up system is only meant to be used from short temporary power failures. For longer durations the battery may become exhausted or there may be some deviation in accuracy. • When the battery is exhausted, it should be removed from the unit to prevent leakage. If you do not wish to take advantage of the battery back-up system, your set will work normally without a battery. However, if disconnected from the mains, the clock figures will flash when the mains are re-connected and you must reset the clock. Setting the clock_ • Press and hold TIME button. Do not release it. • Press HOUR and MIN buttons respectively to set hour and minute. The time will be showed on the display. • Release MIN and HOUR buttons when finished the setting. Radio operation_ Tuner operation • Slide AUTO/OFF/ON switch to ON position. • Slide BAND switch to FM or AM position to select FM or AM band. • Rotate TUNING regulator to receive the desired broadcast. Watch the dial scale and dial pointer. • Adjust the volume with VOLUME regulator for the desired listening level. • Slide AUTO/OFF/ON switch to OFF position to turn the radio off. Sleep to music The radio can be set to play and to switch off automatically after a preset time (from 1 minute to 1 hour 59 minutes). • Slide AUTO/OFF/ON switch to AUTO position and adjust the volume with VOLUME regulator. • Press SLEEP button once. • You can have 59 minutes playing the radio to accompany you to sleep. • To set a desired period of sleep simply press and hold SLEEP button and then press MIN button set to the desired period of the sleep function. • Press SLEEP and HOUR buttons simultaneously for one hour and 59 minutes sleep time. • After the preset time the radio will turn off automatically. • When the radio in sleep operation is playing, press SNOOZE button to turn off the radio. 3 Antenna • The AM signals are picked up through the built-in ferrite antenna. The set should be placed to a position for the best reception. • For FM reception, this set is specially equipped with an external wire as FM antenna. Be sure to untwist it to its fullest length for peak performance. Alarm operation_ Setting the alarm • Press and hold ALARM button. do not release it. • At this time press HOUR and MIN buttons respectively to set alarm time. • Release ALARM button to return to the normal time display. • Slide AUTO/OFF/ON switch to AUTO position. • The radio will play automatically at the present time. • To turn it off slide AUTO/OFF/ON switch to OFF position or press ALARM OFF button. Alarm sound setting • Follow the steps of "Setting the alarm". • Slide the Volume regulator to minimum level until you hear the click. • You will be awaked by the buzzer alarm. • To turn it off slide ON/OFF/AUTO/ALARM switch to "OFF" position or press ALARM OFF button. Snooze control • When the alarm is on, press SNOOZE set once, after 8 minutes the alarm will be on again. • If you want to stop the alarm, slide ON/OFF/AUTO/ALARM switch to "OFF" position or press ALARM OFF button. Sleep and wake to music • Follow the steps of "Setting the alarm" paragraph. • Follow the steps of "Sleep to music" paragraph to set the desired period of radio playing before sleep. • The radio will stop automatically and will start again at the preset wake up time. Maintenance and care_ • Switch off the unit, unplug from the power supply. The outside of the unit can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. • Avoid leaving the clock radio in direct sunlight or in hot, humid, dusty places. Keep the set away from heating appliances and appliances that generate noise, such as fluorescent lamps and motors. 4 Specification Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz / 1x9V battery Stabilizer Quartz Display 0.9" LED Net / Gross weight 0.41 kg/0.46 kg Unit dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 60 x 145 mm Gift box dimension (L x W x H) 130 x 70 x 155 mm Radio frequency FM 64-108 MHz AM 530-1600 KHz RMS 250 mW Specifications are subject to change without notice. Mass and dimension are approximate. 5 Описание 1. Регулятор настройки радиоволн TUNING 2. Переключатель диапазонов радиоволн AM/FM 3. Регулятор громкости VOLUME (на левой панели) 4. Переключатель AUTO/OFF/ON (на левой панели) 5. Кнопка MIN 6. Кнопка HOUR 7. Кнопка TIME 8. Кнопка ALARM OFF 9. Кнопка SLEEP 10. Кнопка ALARM 11. Дисплей 12. Кнопка SNOOZE 13. Динамик На дне устройства находится крышка отсека д/ батареи 9 В, предназначенной для сохран< настройки времени (батарея в комплект не входит). Меры безопасности_ • Внимание: Во избежание удара электрическим т...


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