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User manual Ameriphone, model RC-100

Manafacture: Ameriphone
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When the desired memory location is lit, press the SCAN button again to select. 4. The DIALOGUE RC automatically dials the number selected. 5. Press the ON/OFF Figure 16 button to hang up. Dialing using the Remote Transmitter A. With Scan function on: 1. Press the Remote Transmitter to begin scanning. FLASH/PAUSE REDIAL MUTE ON/OFFHEADSET MIC Figure 17 2. When the desired memory location is lit, press the Remote Transmitter. The DIALOGUE RC automatically dials the number selected. 3. Press the Remote Transmitter once to hang up. B. With Scan function off: 1. Press the Remote Transmitter once. 2. It dials the first number stored in M1. C. Answering phone calls Using the keypad MUTE FLASH/PAUSE 1. When the phone rings, ON/OFF press the ON/OFF button to turn it on. REDIALHEADSET MIC 2. When finished, press Figure 18 the ON/OFF button to hang up. Using the Remote Transmitter 1. When the phone rings, press the Remote Transmitter to turn on. 2. Press the remote Figure 19 button once to hang up. CHAPTER 5 (CONTINUED) CHAPTER 5 (CONTINUED) Voice Activated answering (DIALOGUE RC–200 only) 1. The voice activated Answering feature has been preset to OFF in the factory. To activate this feature, see page 5. 2. Say "Hello" or whistle loudly, between rings. (If a headset is used, answer by speaking into the headset microphone.) 3. Use the remote control, or press the ON/OFF button on the console to hang up. Please Note: When the party that called you hangs up, the telephone company switching office may re-establish a dial tone on your line. When dial tone returns, your RC–200 will hang up automatically. Prior to hanging up, the RC–200 emits two short beeps as a reminder. D. Other Operations Redialing the last number dialed MUTE FLASH/PAUSE 1. Press the REDIAL ON/OFF button on the keypad. OR Figure 20 REDIALHEADSET MIC 2. Press and hold the Remote Transmitter for 3 seconds, until the ON/OFF indicator on DIALOGUE RC Figure 21 FLASH/PAUSE REDIAL ON/OFF turns on. Flash button The flash button is used to access special telephone functions and services available from your local phone company, such as call waiting, 3–way calling, and others. Call your phone company for more information. If you have the DIALOGUE RC–200, you can use the Flash feature with the Remote Transmit- ter. Turn the Remote Flash switch on (see Chapter 4 section C). When you are on the phone line, press the Remote Transmitter button twice in succession, within three seconds, to generate the “flash”. Voice Mail Indicator (VMI) If you subscribe to voice mail service from your phone company, the FLASH/PAUSE light flashes and the RC beeps (once every 3.5 minutes) to inform you that you have voice mail messages. You also hear a special "stutter" dial tone sent from the MUTE FLASH/PAUSE phone company. To retrieve your ON/OFFADSET REDIAL messages, follow the instructions Figure 22 provided by your phone company. Making an outgoing call cancels the indicator light. MUTE FLASH/PAUSE Unanswered Call Indicator ON/OFFADSET REDIAL If the DIALOGUE RC rings three or more times and is not Figure 23 answered, the FLASH/PAUSE light flashes to indicate that you missed a call.Turning on the DIALOGUE RC cancels the indicator. Telebanking and Credit Card Calling You can transmit account or personal identification numbers (PIN) from the DIALOGUE RC by pre–storing them in memory. 1. Program account or PIN numbers into a memory location in advance by following the same steps you would program a phone number. 2. When the automated phone system requests it, press the memory button where your account number or PIN is stored. CHAPTER 6 OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES CHAPTER 6 OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES A. AIR SWITCH™ This Accessory switch allows you to place and answer calls and control every function of the Dialogue RC by blowing gently on its air sensor. It snaps on to either the rear of the console or the remote control for the ultimate in “no-touch” accessory and control. B. PILLOW SWITCH Plugs into the console or the remote control for your convenience. Allows you to control phone functions by gently touching it with your arm, leg, head, shoulder or other body movement. A 6 foot long cord connects it easily. Ensure the utmost privacy for personal conversations or confidential business calls. This light weight unit plugs into the telephone with a 61/2 foot long cord and is comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. C. LAPEL MICROPHONE D. HEADSET WITH MICROPHONE This highly sensitive microphone, clips to your collar and provides hands- free, crystal clear, high fidelity sound for people who have weak voices. It has a cord that is 5 feet long. For a complete catalogue, please call or write: AMERIPHONE, Inc., Product Catalogue 12082 Western Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92841 (714) 897-0808 VOICE (714) 897-1111 TTY (714) 897-4703 FAX QUICK START GUIDE/ SUMMARY QUICK START GUIDE/ SUMMARY For more detailed description see Chapter 5. OPERATION STEPS FACTORY PRESET MODES OF OPERATION: Scan rate = 5...

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