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User manual Humax, model CI-5100C

Manafacture: Humax
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manual abstract

button : Use to move from the current event information to the next event information. button : Use to move from the next event information to the current event information. When the Help( )button is pressed under I-Plate display and there are no detailed event informations in the I-Plate, the Help window will appear on the screen. The Help window shows the current Network information, including: Network Name, Frequency, Symbol Rate, Constellation.. The detailed information for the event can be displayed by pressing the Help( )button in the I-Plate with event data displaying mode. You can reserve the programme in the event data display mode by using the White( )button. You can reset timer programme Once, Daily or Weekly mode. When you release the timer programme mode, then you will be asked to confirm the action. To change services, do in the following sequence: 1. Press the Numeric buttons(0~9) on the remote control unit. 2. Press the buttons or buttons. Or press the Recall( ), Service-list, EPG( )mode button. To switch between TV and Radio services, press the TV/Radio ( ) button. To select the previous viewed Service, press the Recall( ) button. Guide of Functions Changing Services Information Box(I-Plate) SERVICE-PART(Left side of the box) EVENT-PART(Right side of the box) Volume Control To adjust the volume level, use the buttons or buttons. To temporarily stop the volume, press the Mute( )button. To cancel mute, press the Mute( )button again or press the buttons or buttons. Soundtrack When the current broadcasting programme provides subtitle, press the Subtitle( )button to see the current subtitle language list. When the current service is switched, the audio language returns to the audio language that was selected in previous service. lf the returned audio language is invalid, the audio language that you selected from the audio language menu has the priority of playback. Soundtracks broadcast in Dolby Digital are indicated by Dolby Digital symbols either side of the respective language selection in the menu. By selecting such a soundtrack the Dolby Digital audio will be output by the optical S/PDIF on the STB. This can be decoded by an external Dolby Digital television or button : When this button is pressed, the Soundtrack OSD will disappear keeping the selected Soundtrack language constant. Subtitle buttons : Use to select the audio language you want. buttons : Use to select the audio on the left, right or both. To change the audio language: When you want to change the audio language of current service, press the Green( amplifier, for example. The on-screen menu is displayed on the top to left side of the)button firstly. screen. 1. 2. 3. , To change the subtitle language: 1. Use the buttons to select a Subtitle language you want. 2. Press the button and the selected language is highlighted and then the Subtitle Language you want is displayed on the screen. Press the button to cancel the Subtitle mode. Teletext Use your TV Remote Control Unit to control the Teletext service. The teletext button doesn’t exist on the STB Remote Control Unit. When the service supports Teletext, the Teletext icon( ) is displayed on the I-plate. E9 1. Select Service The select service displays the required service list which can be viewed in Simple or Advanced mode. 2. TV Guide Your STB has an Electronic Programme Guide(EPG) to help you navigate through all the possible viewing options. The TV Guide supplies information such as programme listings and start and end times for all available services. In addition, detailed information about the programme listings and start and end times for all available services. In addition, detailed information about the programme is often available in the EPG(the availability and amount of these programme details will vary, depending on the particular broadcaster). 3. Parental Control Access to services and programmes is controlled by a PIN code (i.e., a 4-digit secret code that is defined by the user). The very first time you attempt to lock all services(or lock programmes by ratings), the on-screen menu will instruct you to assign a PIN code(Later on, if necessary, you can change it). 4. Installation The Installation mode allows you to have the information of setting services and newly set services(language, time, organise, search,..) Furthermore, you can recognize the states of hardware and software versions and signals from your STB. 5. Utility This menu provides Calendar and Biorhythm. E10 Guide of Main Menu 1. Select Service To select the desired in the service list, you should firstly display the service list using button. Use select a service and press button. Also use select a service directly in the service list. buttons to buttons to The contents of service list are as follows: Simple Service List 1. Use the buttons to select “Select Service” from the Main Menu and press the button. 2. Use the buttons to select “Simple” from the Main Menu and press the button. 3. Then the simpl...


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