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User manual Sylvania, model SRT702A

Manafacture: Sylvania
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manual abstract

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Contents I Precautions 1 II Accessories 3 III Appearance 3 IV Remote Controller Directions 4 V Basic Operation 6 VI TV Menu Operation7 6.1. TV/AV Image Quality Adjustment7 6.2. Sound Adjustment8 6.3. Time Adjustment8 6.4. Settings9 6.5. Program Searching 11 VII To Receive Clear Images 14 VIII Before Repair 15 IX Technical Parameter 16 X Stand Assemble Instruction Manual 17 I Precautions Storage 1. Keep this product away from extremely hot or cold places. The storage temperature ranges from -40 to 60 and the working temperature from -5 to 40 . 2. Do not use this product at damp environment like bathtubs, wash basins, kitchens, washtubs, as well as basements, swimming pools or similar places. 3. Do not expose your TV set to high humidity, dust or oil smoke. 4. Do not throw or drop this product. 5. Do not subject this device to the inside of a case or strong vibrations, avoiding strong collision. 6. Do not push on or scrub this product with sharp objects. Maintenance 1. Disconnect all cables of this device at first before cleaning. 2. Wipe the enclosure, screen and keys using soft cloth with a little soft detergent on. 3. Do not use polishing cloth, abstergent, and all types of propellants or chemical detergents like alcohol and benzene to clean your device. Special Notice Bright spots or dark spots may appear on the screen. This is a normal phenomenon associated with the active matrix display technology and is not a sign of malfunction. Do not attempt to maintain. For any failures, please turn off your TV set immediately and contact us or your dealer. This device integrates a great deal of fine electronic components. Disassembly or alternation may result in damages or breaks. 1. Do not watch television programs or turn your TV set on for your own and others' safety. 2. It is very dangerous to watch television programs or operate the TV set while driving. Warning! -1 II Accessories 1. Car adapter 2. AC adapter 3. AV conversion cable 4. Remote control 5. AAA type batteries 6. Telescopic antenna 7. User manual * Open the package and make sure all the items are included. -2 III Appearance 10 10 1. Telescopic antenna 2. MUTE: Mute button 3. PICT: Picture mode button 4. PRLIST: Program Menu button 5. MODE: Mode shift button 6. : Standby button 7. CHG: charging indicator, twinkling when battery is charging, keep light after full of charging(Only available for the machine of internal battery) 8. Power indicator Red: Standby Green: Power-on 9. Remote-control receive window 10. Speaker 11. TFT-LCD screen 12. CH+/ : Channel Select/ Upward button 13. CH-/ : Channel Select/ Downward button 14. MENU: Menu button 18 15. VOL+/ : Volume up/ 19 20 Rightward button 16. VOL-/ : Volume down/ Leftward button 21 17. Headphone jack 22 18. Antenna input Jack 19. AV1 In jack 20. AV2 In jack 21. Power on/off 22. DC Input 23. Battery Door 23 -3 IV Remote Controller Operation Instruction 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 AAA AAA 1. CH+/CH- (Program choosing key, up and down direction key): Press CH+ key to increase the channel by degree. Press this key and choose menu upward if it is in the system menu. Press CH- key to decrease the channel by degree. Press this key and choose menu downward if it is in the system menu. 2. VOL+/VOL- (Volume control key, left and right direction key) Press VOL+ to turn up the volume. Press this key to choose menu rightward if it is in the system menu. Press VOL- to turn down the volume. Press this key to choose menu leftward if it is in the system menu. 3. TV/AV Switch Key: When pressing this key, you switch state among TV, AV1 and AV2. 4. MUTE (Mute Key): When you press this key, the sound will disappear, and press again or press VOL+ the sound will return to normal. 5. 0, 1, 2, 3, ... 9: Program Direct Choosing Key. Press this key to choose program number. 6. : Press this key to execute channel direct choosing transform function. 7. CC: Close/Open Caption 8. MTS: When pressing this key, you can adjust among different languages. -4 9. MENU: Menu key. When you press this key, the main menu will display. When the system enters a multilevel submenu, press this key and return to previous menu step by step. 10. PRLIST: TV program menu key. When pressing this key, you will see the entire program list in a program list box. 11. POWER (Power Switching Key): When you press this key, the TV set will be turned off, and press again it will be turned on. 12. EXIT: Exit Key. Press this key, exit operation and return to the program. 13. PICT: Image Mode Key. Press this key to choose among the four image modes of Standard, Dynamic, Soft and Personal. 14. AUDIO: Audio Mode Key. Press this key to choose among the four audio modes of Standard, ...


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