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User manual Atlantic Technology, model SP-8000

Manafacture: Atlantic Technology
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manual abstract

(Sencore is a world famous manufacturer of electronic test and measurement equipment. We strongly support the use of this caliber of equipment in the setup of home surround sound systems). Please take a moment to go over its contents before proceeding with your system’s setup. The disc includes room mode calculators, explanations of how sound spreads in a room, information about home theater setup, a glossary, and even an explanation of how standing waves “set up” in rooms. Most importantly, there are test tones on the disc intended to be used to set the equalizer awoofer level in your system. Features Preamplifier Front Panel LEVEL TRIM display Indicates amount of trim adjustment applied (via the remote control) above or below the reference volume setting of your SP-8000. (page 12) FREQUENCY EQ control Selects the frequency to be adjusted by the parametric equalizer. (page 11-12) WIDTH EQ control Selects how wide a range of frequencies will be adjusted by the parametric equalizer. (page 11-12) ATTENUATION EQ control Reduces the subwoofer’s output at those frequencies selected by the parametric equalizer. (page 11-12) Program Equalization indicators Light indicates selected Reference or EQ program as applied via the remote control. (page 11-12) MUTE indicator Lights when amplifier volume is muted via the remote control. (page 7 and 13) PHASE control Sets correct Subwoofer phase (0°, 90°, 180°, or 270°) to best match your satellite speakers and room. (pages 11-12) LOW PASS crossover control Sets the low frequency crossover between the Subwoofers and your satellite speakers. A detent is provided for the THX/EXT setting. (pages 10 and 12) BASS LEVEL control Sets the reference volume level of the connected Subwoofers. A detent is provided for the THX/REF setting. (pages 12) IR RECEIVED indicator Blinks when command is received from remote control, either via built-in or remote receiver. Front Panel Figure 3 4 3 2 1 6 10 8 5 7 9 1 6 7 2 8 3 9 4 5 10 Preamplifier Back Panel Product Serial Number Write this number in the space provided on page 2 for future reference. Direct Access Remote Control port Use for hard-wired direct access of remote control functions. A contact closure between "com" and any function will activate that function Remote Control jacks The IR IN jack accepts an IR signal from a separately powered system or an IR signal generated by a “whole-house” controller. Use the THRU jack to “daisy-chain” to other devices. (page 9) EXT IR Receiver Connector Use the EXT IR RCVR input powered port to connect to a 3-wire 12 volt IR receiver module (xantech,ect.) when the preamplifier is not in line-of-sight with the remote control. Use the OUT TO SLAVE jack to pass on the received signal to other equipment. Low Level jacks Use the input jack to connect to the "subwoofer" or "LFE line out" from your processor/receiver. Use the output jack to connect to your subwoofer's input. Use the XLR-type balanced connectors, if possible, to obtain lowest noise and hum. AC Input Use the included AC adapter to connect your preamplifier to a wall outlet. (page 9) Back Panel Figure 4 5 2 1 ManufacturedunderlicensefromTHXLtd.THX,THXUltra2andTHXSelectareregisteredtrademarksofTHXLtd. EQ2COMMANDVOL+ VOL- MUTEREFEQ1EQ4EQ5EQ3COMOUTTODATA+12VGNDSLAVEEXTIRRCVRINPUTOUTPUTACINPUT16V50/60HzSLAVEIRINTHRUMODEL-SERIALNUMBERMANUFACTUREDINTAIWANDESIGNEDANDENGINEEREDINUSA,AVIS:RISQUEDECHOCELECTRIQUE/NEPASOUVRIRRISKOFELECTRICSHOCKWARNINGDONOTOPEN 7 3 4 1 5 2 7 3 4 Remote Control Preset Program EQ buttons Select from 4 preset equalization settings in any sequence. (page 14) Reference EQ button REF button returns the preamplifier to its flat/THX EQ settings and returns the volume trim level to 0dB. (page 12) MUTE button Mutes the output of the preamplifier. Pressing again returns the preamplifier to the previous volume setting Level TRIM buttons The . button increases and the . button decreases the volume of the preamplifier above or below the preset reference level in 1dB increments. (page 13) Connecting Your Preamplifier The Atlantic Technology SP-8000 is relatively simple to hook up. WARNING: To prevent risk of electrical shock or damage to your equipment, always unplug all component AC cords before proceeding with speaker and component connections! The last step in wiring your system should be plugging in the AC cords! Input Connect your system's sub output here; this jack may be labeled Sub, Subwoofer, or LFE (Low Frequency Effects). Simply connect to the Input jack on your preamplifier with high-quality shielded cables as shown in Figures 6 and 7. Please consult your processor/receiver manual for further information regarding the use of these outputs. If possible use the XLR- type input (balanced). Output Connect a high quality shielded cable from here to the input of your subwoofer's amplifier; if possible, use the XLR-type balanced output. Remote Control and Connections Figure 5 ............................................................


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