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User manual GBC, model 7120S

Manafacture: GBC
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We have taken numerous steps to assure that your shredder arrives in top condition. In the rare event that you do have any problems or questions, contact your dealer. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Your safety as well as the safety of others is important to GBC. In this instruction manual and on the product are important safety messages. Read these messages carefully. A The safety alert symbol precedes each safety message in this instruction manual and on the product. This symbol indicates a potential personal safety hazard that could hurt you or others, as well as cause product or property damage. Do not connect this unit to electrical power or attempt to operate it before you have read these operating instructions. Save these instructions for later use. The following two warnings are found on the bottom of the product or inside the cabinet door: MWAt"_ j..'. Fiirs safety message means tbai ypy canid be nmmi ;ly ;.i r |. :i ii,,, pm tna gftidi ct and expose yourself to hazardous voltage. This safety message means that you could be seriously hurt if you place your hands in the discharge chute. The following ISO and IEC symbols appear on this product, and their meanings are as follows: I Means Power ON O Means OFF R Means REVERSE The symbols which become illuminated are: | Means Power ON Means the shred bin is full Means the cabinet door is open □ Means an overload has occurred Depress the "R" side of the rocker switch fThis means you should be careful because long hair can become entangled in the cutting head. This could hurt you. This means don’t reach in...

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