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User manual Cub Cadet, model N/A

Manafacture: Cub Cadet
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manual abstract

Fold fastener back and under the side chain as pictured below. You will probably need pliers to do it. Once both fasteners are connected, chain assembly must be snug on tire. Advance fasteners on each side chain the same number of links until chain is sufficiently and evenly tight on tire. See front cover picture for proper chain fit. Remove or tie down all unused links once chain is satisfactorily tight. 5 Repeat previous steps for other tire. To get maximum wear and years of use from your Peerless "MaxTrac" tire chains follow these simple tips: Avoid rapid acceleration: spinning tires cause rapid wear on cross chains. 2- If the chains are installed properly they should be snug with the cross chains at right angles to the side chain. Adjust inside and outside fasteners so that side chains are evenly tightened. The side chains should be centered on the circumference of the tire. #9670785...

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