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User manual Winegard, model WI3535T

Manafacture: Winegard
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You must drive in a straight line at 10 mph or more when starting to operate in motion. Toggle In-Motion: Your MV3500T satellite antenna will automatically toggle between the primary and alternate satellite for your service provider. For toggling In-Motion, you may notice a slight delay in satellite switching which could cause a loss in picture. This is normal, picture loss should be no longer than three seconds. If the alternate satellite the MV3500T is trying to toggle to is blocked for more than 25 seconds, the system automatically enters the search routine. Use your on-screen guide to locate your channel rather than “channel surfing”. This will result in smoother operation. Rev. 6/06 4 To toggle between satellites when subscribing to multi-satellite programming— To toggle between satellites when subscribing to multi-satellite programming— either DISH Network or DIRECTV. Both have programming on more than one satelite. When a channel is selected on the remote control and is not on the satellite currently selected, the unit will automatically toggle to the correct satellite. NOTE: The MV3500T will toggle while stationary or In-Motion. DIRECTV programming 1. DIRECTV receivers must be set for oval dish 2 sat selection to enable toggling between primary 101°W satellite and alternate 119°W satellite only. (Consult receiver manual for procedure.) After receiver is set for the correct dish selection, when you request a channel located on a different satellite, the unit will automatically toggle to that satellite. DISH Network programming (DISH 500) DISH Network receivers must have the “SW42” switch installed in order to toggle between the primary 119° satellite and the alternate 110° satellite. (Consult your receiver manual for the procedure to reach the “check switch” menu.) NOTE: This “SW42 Switch” is a DISH Network® receiver setting, NOT a physical part. To install the “SW42” switch: 1. Before turning on your MV3500T system, make sure that your satellite receiver and television are turned on and your receiver is on the “point dish” menu. (Consult your owner’s manual to reach this menu.) 2. While the vehicle is stationary, turn on the MV3500T system and wait for signal acquisition on satellite 119°. 3. After signal is acquired, the system will continously track the signal for approximately six minutes. At the end of six minutes, the unit will enter sleep mode. You now have six minutes to complete Check Switch test. Consult your receiver manual for instructions on running the test. Be sure that Superdish and Alternate are unchecked if applicable. Onscreen options may vary by receiver. 4. During the Check Switch Test, the receiver will begin checking the switch by toggling between satellites. When this is completed, SW42 will appear on the screen. It will be at the top of the screen, satellite designations will be below, showing odd and even transponders. See illustration. 5 If a switch other than SW42 appears, or you have an X in one of the boxes below the satellites, repeat Check Switch Steps. 5. Your system is now set up to toggle between satellites. It will automatically move to the correct satellite when a channel is selected with your remote control. NOTE: Once these steps are completed, you won’t have to perform this test again, unless Check Switch was performed on another satellite dish, such as a home dish. ! Toggle: Your Winegard automatic satellite dish will move from the primary to the alternate satellite in order to receive multi-satellite programming. Check Switch screen display Install Summary Input: 1 1 1 1 Satellite: 119 119 110 110 Polarity: Odd Even Odd Even Status: Satellit...

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