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User manual LG, model F1448QDP1

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note The wool cycle features gentle tumbling and low-speed spin for garment care. ■ Extra options Program Time Delay Favorite Pre Wash Medic Rinse Rinse + Spin Time Save Intensive Cotton • • • • • • • Cotton Eco • • • • • • • Easy Care • • • • • • • Baby Care • • • * • * • • • Duvet • • • • • Sports Wear • • • • • Wool • • • • Quick 30 • • • • Intensive 60 • • • *: This option is automatically included in the cycle and can not be deleted. 17 H ow to use washer ■ Operating data Program Max RPM F14** F12** F10** Cotton 1400 1200 1000 Cotton Eco 1400 1200 1000 Easy Care 1000 1000 900 Baby Care 1000 1000 900 Duvet 1000 1000 900 Sports Wear 800 800 800 Wool 800 800 800 Quick 30 1400 1200 1000 intensive 60 1400 1200 1000 18 H ow to use washer ■ Control panel Program dial Time Delay Option LED display Rinse Pre Wash DoTy opt.i : 1 0*0 Q 195cl 1400 IWns8*+Hold 10*0 0 160 11000 INommtHo« 1800 1 Rinse" Rins* f*nW«h F«vor. Opt.2 tfi) rO . „ . .. . 130 1400 1 Rinse* 1 Medk; Rinse 1 Time Save 1 IBnwiSpin 1 Intensive 1 Cold 1 No Spn I Normal Spin Cru» Cara Duvet Baby Care — Quick 30 Cotton Eco Easy Care Sports Wear — Woolfc Power Start/Pause Favorite Child Lock Temp. Spin Tub Clean Crease Care Power Additional program • Press the Power button to turn power on and off. •To cancel the Time Delay function, the power button should be pressed. • Use these buttons to select the desired cycle options for the selected cycle. Program dial LED display • Programs are available according to the laundry type. • Lamp will light up to indicate selected program. • The display shows the settings, estimated time remaining, options, and status messages for your washer. The display will remain on through the cycle. Start/Pause Options • This Start/Pause button is used to start wash cycle or pause the wash cycle. • If temporary stop of wash cycle is needed, press the Start/Pause button. • When in Pause, the power is turned off automatically after 4 minutes. • This allows you to select addition cycle and will light when select. 19 H ow to use washer ■ Additional program Time Delay Favorite You can set a time delay so that the washing machine will start automatically and finish after a specified time interval. ^ The delay time is the time to the note end of the programme, not the start. The actual running time may vary due to water temperature, wash load and other factors. 1. Press the Power button. 2. Select a cycle. 3. Press the Time Delay button and set time required. 4. Press the Start/Pause button. Favorite program allows you to store a customized wash cycle for future use. 1. Press the Power button. 2. Select a cycle. 3. Select the course. (Washing method, number of rinses, spin speed, water temperature etc.) 4. Press and hold Favorite program button 3 seconds. The Favorite program is now stored for future use. To reuse the program, select Favorite program and press the Start/Pause. Crease Care Pre Wash If you want to prevent creasing, select If the laundry is heavily soiled, “Pre Wash” Crease Care option. course is effective. 1. Press the Power button. 2. Select a cycle 3. Press the Pre Wash button. 4. Press the Start/Pause button. 20 H ow to use washer ■ Options Option • Medic Rinse : For best results or for cleaner rinsing. • Rinse+Spin : This can be helpful in preventing fresh stains from setting in fabrics. This is a separate cycle. • Time Save : This option can be used to reduce the time of a wash program. • Intensive : If the laundry is normal and heavily soiled, “Intensive” option is effective. Rinse • Rinse++Hold : Add rinse once then after rinsing process, the course is paused until start button is pressed again. • Normal+Hold : The course is paused until start button is pressed again when rinse is finished. • Rinse++ : Add rinse twice. • Rinse+ : Add rinse once. ■ Other functions Rinse+Spin 1. Press the Power button. 2. Select a cycle. 3. Press the Option button (Rinse+Spin light up). 4. Press the Start/Pause. Spin Only 1. Press the Power button 2. Select the spin speed. 3. Press the Start/Pause. ^ When you select "No Spin", it will note still rotate for a short time with low speed to drain quickly. Temp. • By pressing the Temp, button the water temperature can be selected. -Cold - 30°C, 40°C, 60°C, 95°C • Water temperature can be selected according to the program. 21 H ow to use washer ■ Child Lock Select this function to lock the buttons on the control assembly to prevent tampering. "Child Lock" can be set only during the washing cycle. Locking the control panel 1. Press the Option buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. 2. A beeper will sound, and 'CL' will appear momentarily on the LED Display. When the child lock is set, all buttons are locked except for the Power button. ^ When child lock is activated the LED note display will alternate between " [ and time remaining. Turning off the ...


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