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User manual Bosch, model WAP24261AU/01

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The programme start can be delayed before the programme begins. The Ready in time can be set in hour increments up to maximum 24h. Press and hold the Ready in .. button until the required number of hours is indicated (h=hour). Press .. Start/Reload button. .. Option buttons .. Overview of programmes, Page 7 ....SpeedPerfect For washing in a shorter time with a washing result comparable to that of the standard programme. Maximum load size ....Overview of programmes, Page 7 ....EcoPerfect For saving energy with a comparable washing effect to the standard programme. ....Rinse Plus Additional rinse cycle. Prolonged programme duration. For areas with very soft water or for further improving the washing result. .. Childproof lock .. on the display panel Secure the washing machine to prevent the selected functions from being unintentionally changed. ON/OFF: After the programme starts/ends, press ....Start/Reload for approx. 5 seconds. Note: The childproof lock may remain activated until the next programme starts, even after the machine has been switched off! If this is the case, deactivate the childproof lock before the programme starts and, if required, re-activate after the programme starts. .. .. Start/Reload For starting or interrupting the wash cycle and to continue the programme and to activate/ deactivate the childproof lock. 7 7 Overview of programmes ..Check the consumption values table on page 8 and instructions on page 9! Programmes °C Max. Washing Options; information Standard washing programme for hard-wearing textiles made of L Cottons cotton or linen. ...... E .90 °C ....SpeedPerfect *, c EcoPerfect, ....Rinse Plus 7 Cottons + Energy-intensive programme for heavily soiled hard-wearing textiles kg/7.0 Prewash made of cotton or linen. kg 5.0 * ....SpeedPerfect *, c EcoPerfect, ....Rinse Plus; Programme specially designed for allergic people and advanced a Allergy Plus ...... E . 60 °C for especially sensitive skin, extended wash cycle at selected hygiene, suitable for hard-wearing textiles made of cotton or linen. temperature, higher water level, additional rinse cycle. I Easy-Care ...... E . 60 °C 3.5 kg Textiles made of synthetic materials or blended fabrics. ....SpeedPerfect, c EcoPerfect, ....Rinse Plus Mixed load consisting of textiles made of cotton and synthetic fibres. ....SpeedPerfect, c EcoPerfect, ....Rinse Plus 1 Mix K Jeans/ ....SpeedPerfect, c EcoPerfect, ....Rinse Plus; Dark coloured textiles made of cotton or synthetics. Dark Wash ...... E . 40 °C 3.0 kg wash the clothing inside out. Programme suitable for washing kids wear made of cotton or....SpeedPerfect, ....Rinse Plus; E Kidswear synthetic textiles. wash the clothing inside out. Suitable for Shirts/Blouses made of cotton, linen, synthetic fibres or . Shirts ...... E . 60 °C blended fabrics. ....SpeedPerfect, c EcoPerfect, ....Rinse Plus Suitable for sportswear made of microfibre e.g Acrylic, Nylon, Z Sportswear Spandex, etc. kg 2.0 For delicate, washable textiles, e.g.made of silk, satin, synthetic fibres....SpeedPerfect, c EcoPerfect, 2 Rinse Plus; . Delicate/Silk ...... E . 40 °C or blended fabrics. no spin cycle between the rinse cycles. Hand and machine-washable wool or wool-rich textiles. Especially gentle washing programme to prevent shrinkage, longer O Wool : programme pauses (textiles rest in detergent solution) e.g. cashmere, mohair or angora. Also suited for hand washable silk. ..Drum clean Programme running at 90°C to remove bacteria inside the drum. No need for detergent.../..Super 15./30' ......... 4 0 °C 2.0 kg/3.5 kg *Extra short programme approx. 15-30 minutes, suitable for lightlysoiled and small amounts of laundry. ....S peedPerfect * Additional programmes 2 Rinse/Freshen up, Spin/Drain .. * Reduced load for ....SpeedPerfect option . . For programmes without prewash . pour detergent into dispenser II, for programmes with prewash . divide detergent between dispe nsers I and II . Robert Bosch Hausgerate GmbH WAP24261AU 9000795167 Carl-Wery-Str. 3 4 81739 Munich, German y Safety instructions . Read and follow the operating and installation instructions and all other information enclosed with the washing machine. . Retain documents for subsequent use. Risk of electric shock . Never pull out the mains plug by tugging on the power cord! . Only insert/pull out the mains plug with dry hands. Danger to life On redundant appliances: . Pull out the mains plug. . Sever the power cord and discard together with the plug. . Destroy the lock on the washing-machine door. This will prevent children from locking themselves in and putting their lives at risk. Risk of suffocation . Keep packaging, plastic film and packaging parts out of the reach of children. Risk of poisoning . Keep detergents and care products out of the reach of children. Risk of explosion . Caused by detergents containing solvents, e.g. stain remover/ items of laundry pretreated with solvent naphtha may result in an explosion after being loaded into the washing m...

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