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User manual Hyundai, model H-TV2100

Manafacture: Hyundai
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manual abstract

TV set will go into stand by mode. To switch off this function, ED - press this key step by step until is displayed on the screen. о Ö © © © OD © © © Œ) © © © СЮ © © (J-OCK) CD CD CD CD REVEAL SIZE STOP CLOCK CD CD CD CD INDEX OFF ON/MIX SUBPAGE CD CD CD CD HYUNDAI б LOCK Q.VIEW AV MENU REVEAL* (Option) SIZE* (Option) STOP* (Option) CLOCK* (Option) INDEX* (Option) OFF* and ON/MIX* (Option) SUBPAGE* (Option) Lock button The key is to prevent a child watching the TV. Press this button to return to the previously viewed program. AV button Press this button to display external video signal such as VCR or CD video player. AV will be displayed on the screen. Press this button again to switch back to TV signal from AV. Menu button Use “MENU” button for tuning procedure. Display hidden characters. Press this button repeatedly to switch between “CONCEAL MODE” and “REVEAL MODE” REVEAL MODE-►CONCEAL MODE Conceal mode will always be resumed when any of the Teletext key is pressed except “REAVEAL” key. The top or bottom half of any page can be enlarged Teletext character size to double height by pressing this button. Stop page acquisition on current page to prevent text to be updated. Display the time on the top right corner of the screen. In Teletext mode press to start the search of displayed page again. Off and on/mix button You can select the following modes by pressing these buttons. TELETEXT ON -►MIX MODE -►TELETEXT OFF ▲_I Subpage button Page number may contain several subpages which are automatically page in a certain cycle by the TV station. Press this button once. “0001” will be displayed on screen, enter number key (0-9) to look for other subpages if available. If there is no subpage, “****” will be displayed. To cancel this, press this button again. 7 RED* GREEN* Color buttons YELLOW* In Teletext mode, the same color page number which is on the bottom of screen will BLUE* respond to pressing these color keys. (Option) NOTE: * - these buttons are applicable only to Teletext models. Front panel controls (depending on the model) If you lose the remote control or if remote control is broken, you can use the front panel controls, that: • switch on the television (® button) • select the channel (PROG+ and PROG- buttons) • increase/decrease volume (VOL+ or VOL- buttons) • local menu display (MENU button) • select the TV or AV modes (TV/AV button) • mute the sound (MUTE button) MENU 1. Press this button to select menu. PRESET, PICTURE, SYSTEM and TIME menu can be selected cyclically. Preset menu —Picture menu —System menu Time-fcenu Exit Menu 2. After enters each menu, you can select the item which you will adjust by PROG+ and PROG- buttons, and adjust this item by VOL+ or VOL- buttons. * The item which you select will change blue. Preset menu 1. CHANNEL In this item, you can store the channel number which are watching, and change the cannel number by VOL+ or VOL- buttons (on number keys). 2. SKIP You can set “ON” by VOL+ or VOL- buttons if you want to cancel the channel number which you are watching. 3. BAND You can select V-L, V-H or UHF. 4. ASM.SIF You can select 6.0M, 4.5M, 6.5M or 5.5M. 5. FINE To tune in weak station this item must be used. 8 6. SEARCH Press VOL+ or VOL- buttons to start searching. The VOL- button searches for lower-numbered channels. When a TV station signal is received, the searching will stop. 7. ASM Press VOL+ or VOL- buttons, then the TV set will automatically search from V-L band to U band. Picture menu You can select BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST, COLOR, SHARPNESS and TINT item by PROG+ or PROG- buttons, and adjust the item, which you select by VOL+ or VOL- buttons. TINT is displayed only for NTSC and is not available for PAL or SECAM. System menu 1. LANGUAGE You can select the English or Russian language by VOL+ or VOL- buttons. 2. COL.SYS You can change present color system in this item 3. SIF.SYS You can change present sound system in this item 4. BLUE SCREEN You can switch on BLUE SCREEN in this item 5. LOGO You can switch on LOGO in this item Time menu_ 1. CLOCK You can adjust the currently time by this item. Press the VOL+ button set hour, and the VOL- button set minute. 2. TIMING 9 If you set the item is TIMING ON, you can set the time of TV ON and TV OFF. 3. TV ON Set the time when the TV set turn on. 4. TV OFF Set the time when the TV set turn off. 5. AWOKE Selecting AWOKE ON, you can set the AWTIME item. 6. AWTIME Set the awake time that you want. If you set the AWTIME is 12:00, the WATCH TIME 11:58:00 will display on the screen for awaking you. It will disappear from the screen unit WATCH TIME 12:00:00. Selecting program • Use 0-9 digit buttons to call directly on the program number that you want. If you want to select a double digits program number, firstly press “-/--“ button, then input the two digits. • Program number can also be changed by PROG+ or PROG- buttons. Press the...


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