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User manual Samsung, model LE32B550A

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TruSurround delivers a compelling, virtual surround sound experience through any two-speaker playback system, including internal television speakers. It is fully compatible with all multichannel formats. T Press the TOOLS button to display the Tools menu. You can also set the SRS TruSurround HD by selecting Tools ^ SRS TS HD. □ Audio Language You can change the default value for audio languages. Displays the language information for the incoming stream. N While viewing a digital channel, this function can be selected. N You can only select the language among the actual languages being broadcast. □ Audio Format ^ MPEG / Dolby Digital When sound is emitted from both the main speaker and the audio receiver, a sound echo may occur due to the decoding speed difference between the main speaker and the audio receiver. In this case, use the TV Speaker function. N While viewing a digital channel, this function can be selected. N The Audio Format appears according to the broadcasting signal. □ Audio Description This is an auxiliary audio function that provides an additional audio track for visually challenged persons. This function handles the Audio Stream for the AD (Audio Description), when it is sent along with the Main audio from the broadcaster. Users can turn the Audio Description On or Off and control the volume. O Press the AD button on the remote control to select Off or On. ■ Audio Description ^ Off / On Turn the audio description function on or off. ■ Volume You can adjust the audio description volume. N Volume is active when Audio Description is set to On. N While viewing a Digital channel, this function can be selected. □ Auto Volume ^ Off / On Each broadcasting station has its own signal conditions, and so it is not easy to adjust the volume every time the channel is changed. This feature lets you automatically adjust the volume of the desired channel by lowering the sound output when the modulation signal is high or by raising the sound output when the modulation signal is low. English - 20 □ Speaker Select When you watch TV with it connecting to a Home theatre, turn the TV speakers off so you can listen to sound from the Home theatre's (external) speakers. • External Speaker: Used to listen to the sound of the External (Home Theatre) Speakers. • TV Speaker: Used to listen to the sound of the TV Speakers. N The volume and MUTE buttons do not operate when the Speaker Select is set to External Speaker. N If you select External Speaker in the Speaker Select menu, the sound settings will be limited TV's Internal Speakers Audio Out (Optical, L/R Out) to Sound System RF / AV / Component / PC / HDMI RF / AV / Component / PC / HDMI TV Speaker Sound Output Sound Output External Speaker Mute Sound Output Video No Signal Mute Mute □ Sound Reset ^ Reset All / Reset Sound Mode / Cancel You can restore the Sound settings to the factory defaults. N Reset Sound Mode: Current sound values return to default settings. | Selecting the Sound Mode You can set the sound mode by pressing the DUAL button. When you press it, the current sound mode is displayed on the screen. Audio Type Dual 1 / 2 Default A2 Stereo Mono MONO Automatic change Stereo STEREO ^ MONO Dual DUAL 1 ^ DUAL 2 DUAL 1 NICAM Stereo Mono MONO Automatic change Stereo MONO ^ STEREO Dual r> MONO ^ DUAL 1 1 1- DUAL 2 <-1 DUAL 1 N If the stereo signal is weak and an automatic switching occurs, then switch to the mono. N This function is only activated in stereo sound signal. It is deactivated in mono sound signal. N This function is only available in TV mode. Sound Reset Cancel sound reset. Reset All Reset Sound Mode | Cancel j L Move E Enter R Return English - 21 SETUP Щ Configuring the Setup Menu □ Menu Language You can set the menu language. □ Time For detailed procedures on setting up options, refer to the ‘Setting the Time' instructions. □ Broadcast ■ Subtitle You can activate and deactivate the su btitles. Use this menu to set the Subtitle Mode. Normal under the menu is the basic subtitle and Hearing Impaired is the subtitle for a hearing-impaired person. • Subtitle ^ Off / On Switches subtitles on or off. • Mode ^ Normal / Hearing Impaired Sets the subtitle mode. • Subtitle Language Set the subtitle language. N If the programme you are watching does not support the Hearing Impaired function, Normal automatically activates even though Hearing Impaired mode is selected. N English is the default in cases where the selected language is unavailable in the broadcast. O You can select these options simply by pressing the SUBT. button on the remote control. ■ Digital Text ^ Disable / Enable (UK only) If the programme is broadcast with digital text, this feature is enabled. N MHEG (Multimedia and Hypermedia Information Coding Experts Group) An International standard for data encoding systems used in multimedia and hypermedia. This is at a higher level than the MPEG system which includes ...

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