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User manual Tekram Technology, model CaptureTV M205

Manafacture: Tekram Technology
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manual abstract

Double-clicking the appropriate product model name M205 brings up the “Function Selector” submenu. Page 14 M205 User’s Manual SOFTWARE INSTALLATION • nn Installing the VideoCapture utility 1. Select Install Application on the Autorun Screen. The following dialog box appears: 2. In the Installation Directory, type the drive and directory where you want the software installed. The default path is C:\CapTV. 3. Click Continue to start copying of the files. 4. Click on the Exit button after the installation is complete. The “CapTV” program group is added to your Windows desktop, containing the application icons as shown: Use the Uninstall program when you want to remove this application program. M205 User’s Manual Page 15 4 VideoCapture UTILITY The VideoCapture Utility lets you watch television and playing video in a window or full screen. This application is also used for capturing still images and full-motion video from TV or a video device. The VideoCapture utility saves the captured still image as DIB file format. The video is saved as AVI file format. Note : This application program cannot run under 256 or lower color mode. Double-click the CAPTV icon from the “CapTV” program group to start the program. The application window and the control panel will appear: • nn Application Window Title & Information Bar Menu Bar Display Area • Title and Information Bar: Contains the program name, the standard Windows Minimize, Maximize and Exit buttons. Also displays information about actions taking place in the window. • Menu Bar: Lists the six menus of the program. • Display Area: The “screen” where your media plays. To exit from the program, either click the Exit button on the Title Bar or choose Exit from the File menu. Page 16 M205 User’s Manual VideoCapture UTILITY • nn Control Panel To show/hide the control panel, check Show Panel from the TV menu. 1. POWER: Quits the M205 VideoCapture application. 2. PC/TV: Switches between viewing in a window and full screen. (*) 3. ICONIC: minimize the program to an icon. 4. CAPTURE MOTION: Captures motion video. 5. CAPTURE STILL: Captures still image. (*) 6. SETUP: Brings up the setup options dialog box. 7. ONTOP: Enable/disable the video display window always on the top layer. 8. STYLE: Show/hide the caption board and menu bar of the display window. The following buttons are for TV tuner use only. They are not active when using other video source. a. AIR/CABLE: Switches between cable TV and antenna (Air) input. b. MUTE: Turn off/resume the TV audio. c. RECALL: Changes to the previously selected channel. d. ENTER: After pressing the numeric keys, press ENTER to complete the channel selection. e. BROWSE: Displays all available channels. (*) f. SCAN: Scans all active channels. g. VOLUME: Volume up (right arrow button) and down (left arrow button). h. CHANNEL: Channel up (up arrow button) down (down arrow button). E Press the Esc key on your keyboard to return to viewing in a window, resume playing the video, or stop browsing the TV channels. Please refer to the subsequent sections for details. M205 User’s Manual Page 17 VideoCapture UTILITY • nn Video Display Selecting the Video Source and Adjusting the Picture Properties From the Options menu, choose Video Source. The Video Source dialog box appears: • Video Connector: Select video input source (TV, Composite or S-video). • Video Standard: Select video system type for the current input source. For proper operation, you must make sure that the Video System is correctly set for any given Video Source. For instance, your CCD camera may be a PAL device, whereas a camcorder or VCR may be a NTSC device. * Changing the video system type brings up the Video Format dialog box. For Video Format settings, please refer to later section. • Color: Drag the slide bars to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of the displayed video. Page 18 M205 User’s Manual VideoCapture UTILITY Selecting Overlay / Preview Mode Select Overlay or Preview mode from the Options menu. In Overlay mode, video is transferred directly from the capture card to the memory of the display card without using any CPU resources. This results in better on-screen viewing. However, the capturing operation automatically uses the Preview mode, therefore, the quality of the captured image or video is the same regardless of the setting. Setting the Video Display Size and Format From the Options menu, choose Video Format. The Video Format dialog box appears: • Image Dimension: Selects the image display size. Options are 160 x 120 pixels (1/4), 320 x 240 pixels (1/2), and 640 x 480 pixels (Full). • Image Format: Select the image type and the amount of colors it will contain. Note: The higher the number of colors and the bigger the window size, the larger the size of the AVI file. It is recommended that you keep the image size at the default and colors not higher than 16 bits. M205 User’s Manual Page 19 VideoCapture UTILITY Selecting View/Capture Mode To display video ...


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