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User manual Samsung, model LE26B350F1W

Manafacture: Samsung
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English - 1 . Audio Description (digital channels only) This is an auxiliary audio function that provides an additional audio track for visually challenged persons. This function handles the Audio Stream for the AD (Audio Description), when it is sent along with the Main audio from the broadcaster. Users can turn the Audio Description On or Off and control the volume. • Audio Description > Off / On Turn the audio description function on or off. • Volume You can adjust the audio description volume. N Volume is active when Audio Description is set to On. . Auto Volume > Off / On Each broadcasting station has its own signal conditions, and so it is not easy to adjust the volume every time the channel is changed. This feature lets you automatically adjust the volume of the desired channel by lowering the sound output when the modulation signal is high or by raising the sound output when the modulation signal is low. N Auto Volume is not available in Component and HDMI mode. . Speaker Select > External Speaker / TV Speaker If you want to hear the sound through separate speakers, cancel the internal amplifier. NN The volume and MUTE buttons do not operate when the Speaker Select is set to External Speaker. If you select External Speaker in the Speaker Select menu, the sound settings will be limited. . Sound Reset > Reset All / Reset Sound Mode / Cancel You can restore the Sound settings to the factory defaults. ¦ Selecting the Sound Mode You can set the sound mode in the Tools menu. When you set to Dual l ll, the current sound mode is displayed on the screen. A2 Stereo NICAM Stereo Audio Type Mono Dual 1 / 2 MONO Default Automatic changeStereo STEREO - MONO Dual Mono DUAL 1 - DUAL 2 MONO DUAL 1 Automatic changeStereo MONO - STEREO Dual MONO - DUAL 1 DUAL 2 DUAL 1 NNN If the stereo signal is weak and an automatic switching occurs, then switch to the mono. This function is only activated in stereo sound signal. It is deactivated in mono sound signal. This function is only available in TV mode. English - 18 SETUP ¦ Configuring the Setup Menu . Language You can set the menu language. Plug & Play Setup Setup Language : English > . Time Time • Clock Game Mode : off Child Lock : On Setting the clock is necessary in order to use the various timer features of the TV. Change PIN The current time will appear every time you press the INFO button. Parental Lock If you disconnect the power cord, you have to set the clock again. Subtitle N N . Clock Mode You can set up the current time manually or automatically. Subtitle – Auto: Set the current time automatically using the time from the digital broadcast. Teletext Language : - - Manual: Set the current time to a manually specified time. Preference > – Depending on the broadcast station and signal, the auto time may not be set correctly. Digital Text : Enable If this occurs, set the time manually. Melody : Medium The Antenna or cable must be connected in order to set the time automatically. Energy Saving : Off Common Interface NN . Clock Set You can set the current time manually. N N Set up this item when you have set Clock Mode to Manual. You can set the day, month, year, hour and minute directly by pressing the number buttons on the remote control. • Sleep Timer > Off / 30 min / 60 min / 0 min / 120 min / 150 min / 180 min The sleep timer automatically shuts off the TV after a preset time (30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 minutes). N NT The TV automatically switches to standby mode when the timer reaches 0. To cancel the Sleep Timer function, select Off. Press the TOOLS button to display the Tools menu. You can also set the sleep timer by selecting Tools > Sleep Timer. • Timer 1 / Timer 2 / Timer 3 Three different on / off timer settings can be made. You must set the clock first. . On Time: Set the hour, minute, and activate / inactivate. (To activate the timer with the setting you’ve chosen, set to Activate.) . Off Time: Set the hour, minute, and activate / inactivate. (To activate the timer with the setting you’ve chosen, set to Activate.) . Volume: Select the desired turn on volume level. . Channel: Select the desired channel. . Repeat: Select Once, Everyday, Mon~Fri, Mon~Sat, Sat~Sun, or Manual. N When Manual is selected, press the > button to select the desired day of the week. Press the ENTERE button over the desired day and the c mark will appear. N N You can set the hour, minute and channel by pressing the number buttons on the remote control. Auto Power Off When you set the timer On, the television will eventually turn off, if no controls are operated for 3 hours after the TV was turned on by the timer. This function is only available in timer On mode and prevents overheating, which may occur if a TV is on for too long time. . Game Mode > Off / On When connecting to a game console such as PlayStation™ or Xbox™, you can enjoy a more realistic gaming experience by selecting the game menu. N NN To disconnect the game console and connect another external device, cancel game m...


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