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User manual Samsung, model UE40C6000RW

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English Contents Getting Started 4 Connections 8 Basic Features 11 Advanced Features 24 Other Information 44 4 Accessories 5 Viewing the Control Panel 6 Viewing the Remote Control 7 Connecting to an Antenna 7 Plug & Play (Initial Setup) 8 Connecting to an AV Device 9 Connecting to an Audio Device 10 Changing the Input Source 11 How to Navigate Menus 11 Using the INFO button (Now & Next guide) 11 Planning Your Viewing 13 Channel Menu 15 Picture Menu 18 Sound Menu 20 Setup Menu 23 Support Menu 24 Connecting to a PC 25 Network Connection 32 Media Play 39 Anynet+ 42 AllShare 44 Analogue Channel Teletext Feature 45 Assembling the Cables 46 Installing the Wall Mount 48 Anti-theft Kensington Lock 48 Securing the TV to the wall 49 Troubleshooting 53 Specifications 54 Index ENGLISH TOOLS Check the Symbol! t This function can be used by pressing the TOOLS button on the remote control. Note One-Touch Button English 3 4 English Getting Started Accessories ..Please make sure the following items are included with your LED TV. If any items are missing, contact your dealer. ..The items’ colours and shapes may vary depending on the models. ..Cables not included in the package contents can be purchased separately. yy Remote Control & Batteries (AAA x 2) yy Owner’s Instructions yy Warranty Card / Safety Guide (Not available in some locations) yy Cleaning Cloth yy Power Cord yy Blanking Bracket yy Holder-Ring (4EA) yy Holder-Wire stand yy Cable Tie yy Holder-Wire (3EA) yy Power Code Clamp yy Component Adapter yy AV Adapter yy SCART Adapter See separate guide for installing the stand. s s s s s yy Stand (1EA) yy Guide Stand (1EA) yy Screws (10EA) ..For best cable connection to this product, be sure to use cables with a maximum thickness as below: yy Maximum thickness - 0.55 inches (14mm) (M4 X L8) 5EA (M4 X L12) 5EA (M4 X L8) Viewing the Control Panel Viewing the Control Panel . The product colour and shape may vary depending on the model. Power Indicator Remote control sensor Speakers Remote control sensor Power Indicator SOURCEEMENU YzP(Power) Aim the remote control towards this spot on the TV. Blinks and turns off when the power is on and lights up in standby mode. Toggles between all the available input sources. In the on-screen menu, use this button as you would use the ENTERE button on the remote control. Displays an on-screen menu, the OSD (on screen display) of your TV’s features. Adjusts the volume. In the OSD, use the Ybuttons as you would use the < and > buttons on the remote control. Changes the channels. In the OSD, use the zbuttons as you would use the Ў and ^ buttons on the remote control. Turns the TV on or off. Standby mode Do not leave your TV in standby mode for long periods of time (when you are away on a holiday, for example). A small amount of electric power is still consumed even when the power button is turned off. It is best to unplug the power cord. 01 Getting Started English 5 Getting Started Viewing the Remote Control . This is a special remote control for the visually impaired persons and has Braille points on the Power, Channel and Volume buttons. Turns the TV on and off. Displays and selects the available video sources (p. 10). Have direct access to channels. Alternately selects Teletext, Double or Mix. Adjusts the volume. Opens the OSD. Displays MediaPlay(p. 32). Quickly select frequently used functions. Selects the on-screen menu items and changes the values seen on the menu. Returns to the previous menu. These buttons are for the ChannelManager, Internet@TV, MediaPlay menu, etc. Use these buttons in MediaPlayand Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) modes (p. 32, 39). (..: Controls recording for Samsung recorders that have the Anynet+feature) CH LISTMUTEPOWERSOURCEPRE-CHMENUTOOLSRETURNADP.SIZESUBT. DUALEXITINFOTTX/MIXABCDP.MODES.MODEMEDIA.PGUIDEON/OFFf-g Turns the remote control light on or off. When on, the buttons become illuminated for a moment when pressed. (Using the remote control with this button set to off will reduce the battery usage time.) Returns to the previous channel. Cuts off the sound temporarily. Changes channels. Displays channel lists on the screen (p. 13). Displays the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) (p. 11). Displays information on the TV screen. Exits the menu. P.MODE: Press to select the picture mode (p. 15). S.MODE: Press to select the sound mode (p. 18). DUALf-g: Sound effect selection (p. 20). AD: Turns the audio description on and off (p. 19). This is not available in some locations. P.SIZE: Selects the picture size (p . 17). SUBT.: Displays digital subtitles (p. 21). Installing batteries (Battery size: AAA) . NOTE • Use the remote control within 23 feet from the TV. • Bright light may affect the performance of the remote control. Avoid using nearby special fluorescent light or neon signs. • The colour and shape may vary depending on the model. 6 English Connecting to an Antenna Connecting to an Antenna When the TV is initially powered on, basic settings proceed automatically. . Preset...

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