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User manual LG, model 22LN450U

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LG Electronics will also provide open source code to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering the cost of performing such distribution (such as the cost of media, shipping and handling) upon email request to opensource@lge.com. This offer is valid for three (3) years from the date on which you purchased the product. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Please read these safety precautions carefully before using the product. WARNING y y Do not place the TV and/or remote control in the following environments: - - A location exposed to direct sunlight - - An area with high humidity such as a bathroom - - Near any heat source such as stoves and other devices that produce heat - - Near kitchen counters or humidifiers where they can easily be exposed to steam or oil - - An area exposed to rain or wind - - Near containers of water such as vases Otherwise, this may result in fire, electric shock, malfunction or product deformation. y y Do not place the product where it might be exposed to dust. This may cause a fire hazard. y y Mains Plug is the TV connecting/disconnecting device to AC mains electric supply. This plug must remain readily attached and operable when TV is in use. y y Do not touch the power plug with wet hands. Additionally, if the cord pin is wet or covered with dust, dry the power plug completely or wipe dust off. You may be electrocuted due to excess moisture. y y Make sure to connect Mains cable to compliant AC mains socket with Grounded earth pin. (Except for devices which are not grounded on earth.) Otherwise possibility you may be electrocuted or injured. y y Insert power cable plug completely into wall socket otherwise if not secured completely into socket, fire ignition may break out. y y Ensure the power cord does not come into contact with hot objects such as a heater. This may cause a fire or an electric shock hazard. y y Do not place a heavy object, or the product itself, on power cables. Otherwise, this may result in fire or electric shock. y y Bend antenna cable between inside and outside building to prevent rain from flowing in. This may cause water damaged inside the Product and could give an electric shock. y y When mounting TV onto wall make sure to neatly install and isolate cabling from rear of TV as to not create possibility of electric shock /fire hazard. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS y y Do not plug too many electrical devices into a single multiple electrical outlet. Otherwise, this may result in fire due to over-heating. y y Do not drop the product or let it fall over when connecting external devices. Otherwise, this may result in injury or damage to the product. Desiccant y y Keep the anti-moisture packing material or vinyl packing out of the reach of children. Anti-moisture material is harmful if swallowed. If swallowed by mistake, force the patient to vomit and visit the nearest hospital. Additionally, vinyl packing can cause suffocation. Keep it out of the reach of children. y y Do not let your children climb or cling onto the TV. Otherwise, the TV may fall over, which may cause serious injury. y y Dispose of used batteries carefully to ensure that a small child does not consume them. Please seek Doctor- Medical Attention immediately if child consumes batteries. y y Do not insert any metal objects/conductors (like a metal chopstick/cutlery/ screwdriver) between power cable plug and input Wall Socket while it is connected to the input terminal on the wall. Additionally, do not touch the power cable right after plugging into the wall input terminal. You may be electrocuted.(Depending on model) y y Do not put or store inflammable substances near the product. There is a danger of combustion/explosion or fire due to careless handling of the inflammable substances. y y Do not drop metallic objects such as coins, hair pins, chopsticks or wire into the product, or inflammable objects such as paper and matches. Children must pay particular attention. Electrical shock, fire or injury can occur. If a foreign object is dropped into the product, unplug the power cord and contact the service centre. y y Do not spray water on the product or scrub with an inflammable substance (thinner or benzene). Fire or electric shock accident can occur. y y Do not allow any impact, shock or any objects to fall into the unit, and do not drop anything onto the screen. You may be injured or the product can be damaged. y y Never touch this product or antenna during a thunder or lighting storm. You may be electrocuted. y y Never touch the wall outlet when there is leakage of gas, open the windows and ventilate. It may cause a fire or a burn by a spark. y y Do not disassemble, repair or modify the product at your own discretion. Fire or electric shock accident can occur. Contact the service centre for check, calibration or repair. y y If any of the following occur, unplug the product immediately and contact your local service centre. - - The product has been impacted by shock - - The product has been damaged - - Forei...

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