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User manual True Fitness, model TS1

Manafacture: True Fitness
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TRUE stands alone in providing three separate positions that work the entire body: 1. Isolated Upper-Body 2. Isolated Lower-Body 3. Upper and Lower Total-Body No other elliptical machine on the market allows users to isolate their upper bodies for a TRUE total- body workout. On traditional front-and rear-drive elliptical machines, your arms just go along for the ride while your legs do all the work. Unique to the Core The TRUE TS1 Total-Body elliptical trainer is driven by a patented Core Drive™ system that keeps the user in the center of the exercise motion for superior balance, stability and comfort. The TS1’s pedals ride in a fixed plane throughout their travel path providing users with the most natural, low impact movement possible. Cushioned Soft Step™ rubber inserts on the foot pads prevent foot fatigue and numbness that is often associated with other elliptical machines. Small Footprint, Big Benefits TRUE design innovation allows for placement of nine compact TS1 units in the same footprint as six standard front-or rear-drive elliptical machines, minimizing wait times and maximizing valuable real estate. The TS1 is available in a self-generating version or fully powered (these units can be daisy chained together and powered by one outlet). Both models provide a workload range from 40-600 watts, allowing for easy start-up for deconditioned users and elevating to resistance levels that will challenge elite athletes. Entertainment The TS1 provides CSAFE power as well as seamless integration with all TRUE Entertainment™ options. Programmed for Results Users can choose from a variety of pre-programmed workouts. Each program has multiple levels of resistance to accommodate a wide range of abilities. The TS1 also features TRUE HRC Cruise Control™ which allows the user to “lock in” on a specific target heart rate. Once the target is set, TRUE HRC Cruise Control will adjust workload automatically throughout the duration of the workout to maintain the targeted heart rate (operates just like the Cruise Control in your car). Built to last Like all TRUE machines, the TRUE TS1 is manufactured with the highest quality standards in the industry including robotically welded steel frames, sealed bearings and forged steel cranks to stand up to years of heavy use. TRUE backs the TS1 with a lifetime frame warranty, three year parts and one year labor. truefitness.com | 800.426.6570 | 1.636.272.7100 Commercial Elliptical DRIVE SYSTEM Drive System Core Drive (Dual Crank) - Synchronous Belt Times Both Cranks to Provide a Natural Running Motion Resistance Source - TS1 2 Stage Electromagnetic Eddy Current Brake Resistance Source - TS1c Hybrid Self-Generating Brake Power Source - TS1 120 Volt (NEMA 5-15 Receptacle) Power Source - TS1c Self-Generating FRAME Frame 11-Gauge Heavy-Duty Robotically Welded Steel Finish Powder Coat Footpad Surface Soft Step Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Material (Removable For Easy Cleaning) Linkage System Patented TRUE Elliptical Dual Crank Design (Exclusive). Primary Pivot Points Use No Maintenance Ball Bearing Design Portability 2 Front Transport Wheels CONSOLE Display Type Dual Window Custom LCD Keys Membrane Switches Express Command Keys 4 – Manual, Intervals, Hill Programs, HRC Cruise Control Data Readouts Time, Distance, RPM, Heart Rate, Work Level, Watts, METs, Calories Message Center 17 Character Alphanumeric HEART RATE Contact Heart Rate Digital – 4 Sensing Pads Telemetry Heart Rate Wireless – Polar® Equipped HRC® Programs 2 – Time Based, Interval WORKOUT PROGRAMS Preset 7 - Manual, Quick Start, Easy Intervals, Speed Intervals, Custom Intervals, Rolling Hills, One Big Hill User Defined 1 – Custom Intervals Fitness Tests N/A OTHER FEATURES Entertainment Seamless Integration with TRUE Entertainment Options Communications Full CSAFE Compatibility Diagnostics Software Version, Keys, Display, Brake Control, Heart Rate, RS232, A/D Channels, Speed Sensor, Watch Dog Accessories Reading Rack, 2 Water Bottle Holders Safety Extended Handrails for Easy Entry and Exit, Side Step-Up Areas and Low Step-Up Height. PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Footprint 57"L x 34.5"W (145 cm x 88 cm) Weight / Shipping Weight 425 lbs (193 kg) / 508 lbs (230 kg) Maximum User Weight 350 lbs (159 kg) Stride Length Fixed - 21" (53 cm) Manual Modes 25 Levels (40 - 300 Watts), Conventional 10 Watt Increments (40 - 600 Watts) Workload Range 40 - 600 Watts Maximum Workout Time 99 Minutes Step-Up Height Foot Skate Lowest Position: 11" (28 cm) Regulatory Approvals UL, CSA, FCC, CE WARRANTY Warranty Frame Lifetime, Brake 3 Years, Parts 3 Years, Labor 1 Year *Specifications subject to change without notice ©2007, TRUE FITNESS TECHNOLOGY, INC. • BROCH08106 truefitness.com | 800.426.6570 | 1.636.272.7100 ...


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