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User manual Ironman Fitness, model Viper

Manafacture: Ironman Fitness
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manual abstract

Calf StretchFace a solid structure such as a wall with your left foot ahead of your right, toes straight ahead. Bend your left knee, press your hips forward, and lean into the wall. Keep both heels down, your right leg straight, and you left knee over your ankle. Hold for 20 seconds; repeat three to five times with each leg. WARNING! Before beginning this or any exercise program, you should consult your physician. This is especially important for individuals over the age of 35 or individuals with pre-existing health problems. 21 General Instructions How To Use The Seat Adjustment Bar To Find A Proper Seat Position Push the seat slide adjustment handle forward, then slide the seat up and down until desired position is found. When desired position is found, pull the adjustment handle back into the upward position. How To Adjust The Backrest Push the bar located underneath the seat backward to adjust the backrest to desired position. Release the bar when desired position is found. ATTENTION! For Cosmetic Purposes Only 22 Moving Instructions Caution! To reduce the possibility of injury while lifting, bend your legs and keep your back straight. As you lean the unit, lift using your legs, not your back. First, kneel down and grasp the rear support tube with both hands. Next, with a firm grasp on rear support tube stand up bringing the rear of the bike up in the air and tilt the unit until it rolls freely on the transport wheels. Using extreme caution, move the unit to the desired location. Do not attempt to move the unit over an uneven or rough surface. Note: This unit may not be identical to your unit. 23 Parts List Ref #Part #DESCRIPTIONQtyRef #Part #DescriptionQtyA1323-00586FRONT MAIN FRAME1A30319-00386COVER, FOR CRANK2A2323-00592REAR MAIN FRAME1A31313-00426POWER CORD FRONT1A3319-00382ALUMINUM TRACKING1A32313-00427POWER CORD REAR1A4306-00975FRONT LEFT CHAIN COVER1A32-1302-01561NUT A32-11A5306-00976FRONT RIGHT CHAIN COVER1A33306-00959COVER, DECORATION FOR CORD STAND1A6319-00391REAR LEFT CHAIN COVER1A34302-01563SCREW, HEXAGON 4X12MM1A7319-00392REAR RIGHT CHAIN COVER1A35305-00233SENSOR PIPE HOUSING1A8306-00965COVER, FOR SLIDING TRACKING1A36302-01537SCREW, FIXING A361A9319-00394SLIDING TRACK1A37302-01541WASHER, FLAT A372A9-1306-00974WHEEL4A38302-01565NUT, NYLON A384A9-2302-01536SCREW, FIX FOR WHEEL-A9-24A39302-01535SCREW, CROSS FOR MOTOR A394A9-3302-01560METAL BUSHING, A9-32A40302-01543SCREW, HEXAGON A401A9-4310-00247FIXING PIN1A41302-01548SCREW, HEXAGON A411A9-5302-01571SPRING A9-51A42302-01534SCREW, CROSS-A422A9-6302-01564NUT M16 A9-61A43302-01556SCREW, HEXAGON A436A9-7323-00598PULL BAR1A44302-01576SCREW, TAPPING A4434A9-8306-00966END CAP1A45302-01546SCREW, HEXAGON A451A9-9306-00980LEFT DECORATION FOR REAR TUBE1A46302-01549SCREW, HEXAGON A461A9-10306-00981RIGHT DECORTATION FOR REAR TUBE1A47302-01645SCREW, HEXAGON M4X20MM4A10323-00580BACKREST TUBE1A48302-01646SCREW, HEXAGON M4X12MM6A10-1319-00412AXLE FOR BACKREST TUBE1A49302-01647SCREW, HEXAGON 8X5/84A10-2302-01542WASHER FLAT A10-22A50302-01648SCREW, HEXAGON M8X70MM1A10-3306-00967END CAP FOR BACKREST TUBE1A51302-01649NUT, A518A11323-00581SEAT ADJUSTMENT HANDLE1A52302-01650WASHER, FLAT 17X22X.32A11-1306-00979PLASTIC WRAP2A53302-01651WASHER, FLAT M6X16X1.21A11-2305-00232CONNECTING HOUSING1B1323-00597FRONT STABILIZER1A11-4319-00384AXLE FOR BRAKING1B2306-00968END CAP FOR FRONT TUBE1A11-5302-01527BUSHING-L A11-51B3306-00973TRANSPORATION WHEEL2A11-6302-01528BUSHING-R A11-61C1323-00593REAR STABILIZER1A11-7328-00081BRAKE PAD, SEAT1C2306-00970END CAP FOR REAR TUBE LEFT1A11-8319-00385BRAKING STOPPER1C3306-00969END CAP FOR REAR TUBE RIGHT1A11-9302-01574SCREW, STOPPING A11-92D306-00977MAIN SUPPORTING TUBE1A11-10302-01532C CLIP- A11-101E323-00587FRONT SMALL HANDLE BAR1A12310-00245GAS CYLINDER, FOR TRACKING BASE ADJUST1E1-1323-00589COVER, FOR LEFT HANDLE BAR LEFT1A12-1302-01579METAL BUSHING2E1-2323-00590LEFT HANDLE BAR COVER RIGHT1A13310-00246GAS CYLINDER, FOR BACKREST ADJUST1E2-1305-00235RIGHT HANDLE BAR COVER(L)1A13-1302-01578PLASTIC BUSHING2E2-2305-00234RIGHT HANDLE BAR COVER ®1A13-2310-00248GAS CYLINDER BAR1E2-3302-01652SCREW, HEXAGON M3X15MM2A13-3306-00978PLASTIC WRAP1E3-1323-00584CONTROLLER FOR LEFT HANDLE BAR FRONT1A13-4302-01544SCREW, HEXAGON A13-41E3-2323-00583CONTROLLER FOR LEFT HANDLE BAR BACK1A13-5302-01562NUT, A13-52E3-3307-00730PLASTIC CIRCUIT BOARD LEFT1A14311-00104FLYWHEEL1E4-1323-00585CONTROLLER FOR RIGHT HANDLE BAR FRONT1A14-1302-01655WASHER, FLAT 10X13X.33E4-2323-00582CONTROL FOR RIGHT HANDLE BAR REAR1A14-2302-01656WASHER, FLAT 30X34X.81E4-3307-00731PLASTIC CIRCUIT BOARD RIGHT1A14-3302-01531C CLIP-A14-32E5313-00424HAND PULSE SENSOR WIRE2A14-4302-01539NUT, FLANGE A14-42E6313-00430SENSOR WIRE LEFT1A14-5302-01638NUT, FLANGE 3/8X3T1E7313-00431SENSOR WIRE RIGHT1A14-6302-01639NUT, FLANGE 3/8X5T1E8-1313-00420HAND PULSE8A15319-00390PRESSING PIPE1E8-2328-00082PAD FOR HAND PULSE8A15-1302-01567PRESSING SPRING A15-11E8-3302-01568SCREW E8-38A15-2331-00118WHEEL1E9302-0156...


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