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User manual Philips, model Elance 3100 GC3135

Manafacture: Philips
File size: 3.12 mb
File name: gc3106_02_dfu_swe.pdf
Language of manual:svendedafi
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manual abstract

When this happens you may hear a sound. Automatic Anti-Calc system (specific types only) ^UTOMATtC ^ -^Mti cav.c^ The built-in Anti-Calc system reduces the build-up of scale and guarantees a longer life for the iron. Automatic shut-off function (specific types only) - The automatic shut-off function automatically switches off the iron if it has not been moved for a while. - The red auto-off light flashes to indicate that the iron has been switched off by the automatic shut-off function. To let the iron heat up again: Pick up the iron or move it slightly. ► The red auto-off light goes out. ► If the temperature of the soleplate has dropped below the set ironing temperature, the temperature light goes on. 8 ENGLISH If the temperature light goes on after you have moved the iron, wait for it to go out before you start ironing. Note: If the temperature light does not go on after you move the iron, the soleplate still has the right temperature and the iron is ready for use. Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning 1 Set the steam control to position 0, remove the plug from the wall socket and let the iron cool down. 2 Wipe flakes and any other deposits off the soleplate with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive (liquid) cleaning agent. To keep the soleplate smooth, avoid hard contact with metal objects. Never use a scouring pad, vinegar or other chemicals to clean the soleplate. 3 Clean the upper part of the iron with a damp cloth. 4 Regularly rinse the water tank with water. Empty the water tank after cleaning. Calc-Clean function You can use the Calc-Clean function to remove scale and impurities. Use the Calc-Clean function once every two weeks. If the water in your area is very hard (i.e. when flakes come out of the soleplate during ironing), use the Calc-Clean function more frequently 1 Set the steam control to position 0, remove the plug from the wall socket and let the iron cool down. 2 Fill the water tank to the maximum level. Do not pour vinegar or other descaling agents in the water tank. 3 Set the temperature dial to the maximum temperature. 4 Put the mains plug in an earthed wall socket. 5 Unplug the iron when the temperature light goes out. 6 Hold the iron over the sink, press and hold the Calc-Clean button and gently shake the iron to and fro. ► Steam and boiling water come out of the soleplate. Impurities and flakes (if any) are flushed out. 7 Release the Calc-Clean button when all the water in the tank has been used up. 8 Repeat the Calc-Clean process if the iron still contains a lot of impurities. After the Calc-Clean process 1 Put the plug in the wall socket and let the iron heat up to allow the soleplate to dry. 2 Unplug the iron when the temperature light goes out. ENGLISH 9 3 Move the hot iron gently over a piece of used cloth to remove any water stains that may have formed on the soleplate. 4 Let the iron cool down before you store it. Storage 1 Set the steam control to position 0, remove the plug from ...

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