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User manual Philips, model GC1702

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Before first use 1 Remove any sticker or protective foil from the soleplate. 2 Let the iron heat up to maximum temperature and pass the iron over a piece of damp cloth for several minutes to remove any residues from the soleplate. Preparing for use Filling the water tank Never immerse the iron in water. 1 2 3 4 Make sure the appliance is unplugged. Set the steam control to position O (= no steam) (Fig. 2). Tilt the iron backwards. Fill the water tank with tap water up to the maximum level. (Fig. 3) Do not fill the water tank beyond the MAX indication. Do not put perfume, vinegar, starch, descaling agents, ironing aids or other chemicals in the water tank. If the tap water in your area is very hard, we advise , you to mix it with an equal amount of distilled water or to use distilled water only. Setting the temperature 1 2 Put the iron on its heel. To set the required ironing temperature, turn the temperature dial to the appropriate position (Fig. 4). Check the laundry care label for the required ironing temperature: 1 Synthetic fabrics (e.g. acrylic, viscose, polyamide, polyester) 1 Silk 2Wool 3 Cotton, linen If you do not know what kind or kinds of fabric an article is made of, determine the right ironing temperature by ironing a part that is not visible when you wear or use the article. Silk, woollen and synthetic materials; iron the reverse side of the fabric to prevent shiny patches.Avoid using the spray function to prevent stains. Start ironing the articles that require the lowest ironing temperature, such as those made of synthetic fibres. 3 4 Put the mains plug in an earthed wall socket. Let the iron heat up until the temperature light first goes out and then goes on again (Fig. 5). Note:The temperature light goes on from time to time during ironing. Using the appliance Note:The iron may give off some smoke when you use it for the first time.This stops after a short while. Steam ironing 1 2 3 Make sure that there is enough water in the water tank. Set the recommended ironing temperature (see chapter ‘Preparing for use’, section ‘Setting the temperature’). After the temperature light has gone out, set the steam control to the appropriate steam position. Make sure that the steam setting you select is suitable for the ironing temperature selected: (Fig. 6) l for moderate steam (temperature settings 2 to 3) ; for maximum steam (temperature settings 3 to MAX) The iron starts to produce steam as soon as , it reaches the set temperature. Ironing without steam 1 2 Set the steam control to position O (= no steam). Set the recommended ironing temperature (see chapter ‘Preparing for use’, section ‘Setting the temperature’). Features Spray function (specific types only) You can use the spray function to remove stubborn creases at any temperature. 1 Make sure that there is enough water in the water tank. 2 Press the spray button several times to moisten the article to be ironed (Fig. 7). Steam boost (specific types only) A powerful shot of steam helps ...

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