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User manual Crane, model ULTRASONIC EE-4140

Manafacture: Crane
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File name: crane_adorable_humidifier_manual.pdf
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manual abstract

1 Important Safety Instructions P. 2 General Safety Instructions P. 3 List of Main Parts P. 4 Technical Specifications, Contents of Packaging P. 5 Operation and Use P. 5-8 Maintenance P. 8-9 Trouble Shooting P. 9 Service Center P. 10 Warranty Information P. 11 Warranty Card P. 12 Order Form P. 13 HUMIDIFIER MODELS This instruction manual applies to the following models of the Adorable Humidifiers product line: Animal Model # Animal Model # Penguin EE-0865 Pig EE-4139 Elephant EE-3186 Cow EE-4140 Panda EE-3189 Dragon EE-5058 Dog EE-3190 Duck EE-6369 Frog EE-3191 Leopard EE-6524 Owl EE-8189 Tiger EE-7270 For information about all CRANE Humidifiers, please visit http: //for retail outlet locations. 1 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing our CRANE Ultrasonic Humidifier. Each unit has been manufactured to ensure safety and reliability. Before using for the first time, please read the instructions carefully and keep them for further reference. WARNING! READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Failure to follow all of the instructions listed below may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury. 1. Do not carry Water Tank by handle when it is filled with water. It is advisable to carry filled Water Tank with two hands. 2. DO NOT operate outdoors. This humidifier is intended for indoor use only. 3. Always have water in the Water Tank when operating the unit. 4. Use only clean, cool tap water to fill the Water Tank (filtered or distilled water is recommended to avoid white dust if tap water is too hard; demineralization filters are also available for purchase at DO NOT use hot water. 5. Be sure that the Water Tank Cap is firmly tightened on Water Tank. Always have the Water Tank Lid in place while the unit is operating. Place the humidifier so the mist aims away from children, walls, furniture and electrical appliances. 6. Use only a 110-120VAC outlet. ALWAYS plug and unplug unit with dry hands to avoid electric shock. 7. Never operate the unit with a damaged Cord or Plug. 8. Always place the unit on a smooth, flat, lint-free, non-metallic, waterproof and level surface and position unit away from direct sunlight. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces and areas where it could be walked on or tripped over. Unplug the unit when not in use and whenever you clean or move the unit. 9. Do not add medication of any type into the Water Basin or Water Tank. Do not cover any openings on the unit or insert objects into any openings. 10. The unit should not be left unattended in a closed room as the air could become saturated and leave condensation on walls or furniture. Leave room door partly open when humidifier is being operated. 11. When cleaning the inside of the humidifier, keep water away from the Fan Vent. Turn off and unplug the humidifier to wipe the exterior (except the electrical controls) with a damp cloth. Humidifier requires regular cleaning. Please ...

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