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User manual Trixter, model X-Bike

Manafacture: Trixter
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manual abstract

Page 9 Maintenance Instructions……………………………… Page 11 Parts – Removal and Replacement……………………... Page 15 Equipment and Technical Specifications……...……….. Page 24 Exploded views and Parts Identification List ………….. Page 25 Product Features……………………………………….. Page 28 Warranty Statements and Registration Card……………. Page 32 Index …………………………………………………… Page 36 SAFETY INFORMATION WARNING TO AVOID DEATH OR SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY • BEFORE beginning any fitness or conditioning program, consult with your physician or health official. This will establish the proper conditioning or fitness program tha t is appropriate for your age and physical condition. · BE SAFE. Prior to commencing each X-Biking™ Ride answer these questions: · Have you have been ill recently? · Have you have felt dizzy recently? · Have you have felt breathless recently? · Have you have had any chest pain recently? · Do you have an injury? · Are you pregnant? · Is there any reason why you think they should not exercise? · Are you over 35 years old and do not exercise regularly? · Have you have been told by a health practitioner that they shouldn’t exercise? IF YOU ANSWER “YES” TO ANY OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS YOU MUST SEEK FURTHER ADVICE AND CLEARANCE FROM A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL PRIOR TO UNDERTAKING AN X-BIKING™ RIDE. · ALWAYS read the user’s manual fully and follow all instructions, which were written to ensure your safety and to protect the cycle. Note for Club Owners: To ensure the proper use and safety of the X-Bike™ Indoor Performance Cycle, make sure that all users have access to and refer to this manual. The manual should be made available to all users. • ALWAYS operate the X-Bike™ Indoor Bike only on a solid, level surface in a well lit and well ventilated area. Make sure the seat and handlebars are securely fastened before use. • NEVER allow children on the bike or allow children to play unsupervised near the bike. Serious injury could occur due to a child’s curiosity or interest in the moving parts of the cycle. • ALWAYS ensure the bike is properly set up for your body type. The X-Bike™ Indoor Bike offers up/down and fore/aft adjustments that are clearly marked to ensure a quick and easy custom fit for each workout. Ensure that the rider compartment is securely tightened before use. · ALWAYS check the cycle before each use. · NEVER use the cycle if it is not completely assembled or is damaged in any way. · NEVER use an X-Bike™ Indoor Bike when ill or in a weakened condition. 1 • NEVER exceed the weight limit for this bike. The weight limit for this bike is 300 pounds. Do not use the X-Bike™ Indoor Performance Bike if your body weight exceeds 300 pounds. • ALWAYS wear proper attire and footwear that fully covers your feet. Long hair should be tied back. Ensure that your laces are tucked into your shoes. · ALWAYS warm up before beginning to exercise or at the start of a workout. • ALWAYS use care when getting on and off the X-Bike Indoor Performance Bike. Always wait until the pedals are completely stopped before removing your feet from the pedals or dismounting. Do not stand or climb on the handlebars. • ALWAYS ride or allow the X-Bike™ Indoor Performance Bike to be ridden only under the supervision of a qualified X-Biking Instructor. • ALWAYS keep hands away from moving parts and always ensure that hands are never placed in a position where these is no rubber handlebar grip. • NEVER overexert yourself or work to exhaustion. If you feel faint, dizzy, short of breath, or if you have chest or other pains, STOP IMMEDIATELY! Consult your physician before you continue. • ALWAYS ensure that you have a water bottle with at least 300ml beverage and wear a towel in the rear pocket of your riding top to absorb sweat from your body and the handlebars. • NEVER ride the X-Bike™ Indoor Performance Bike in a standing position at high revolutions per minute (RPM). • ALWAYS maintain your pelvis over the centre line of the X-Bike™ Indoor Performance Bike. • NEVER adjust the resistance of the flywheel and the resistance of the X-Bars™ Handlebar System when standing. • NEVER use accessory attachments that are not recommended by the manufacturer – such attachments might cause injury or damage to the bike and will affect the warranty of the Bike. • Please also note as a gesture of courtesy to the next user and to maintain the high quality of the X-Bike™ Indoor Cycle, please ensure that it is wiped down after each use. • If any issues arise affecting the performance of the X-Bike™ Performance Bike, please inform the X-Biking™ Instructor immediately and ensure that wear parts are checked regularly. • THIS SAFETY INFORMATION AND USER’S MANUAL GENERALLY DO NOT REPLACE THE NEED TO BE ALERT AND TO USE YOUR COMMON SENSE WHEN USING THE X-BIKE™ INDOOR PERFORMANCE BIKE! 2 INTRODUCTION X-Bike™ Indoor Performance Bike Congratulations on purchasing your Trixter Enabled X-Bike™ Indoor Performance Bike, one of the most revolutionary cycles available to the fitness market. The X-Bike™ ...


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