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User manual Fujioh, model FDK-021

Manafacture: Fujioh
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manual abstract

Adjust length by cutting the duct to preferred length. Cut a rectangular hole for the grill in the soffit when the location of the grill is decided. Remove the protection seal of the grill. LINER CABINET POWER UNIT FIG 2 Attach the conversion duct to the wall or soffit. Attach the grill with the screws provided to the soffit. Please refer to cross section FIG4 for detailed assembly. Do the taping to each joint with duct tape. When installing without a soffit, please refer FIG5 CONVERSION DUCT 6" TO 3-1/4" x 10" DUCT TAPE (NOT INCLUDED) [cAilTiQNi Do not use screws to join the duct parts • Be careful not to expand the hole too much, and be careful not to damage soffit etc. DUCT TAPE (NOT INCLUDED) SOFFIT N GRILL FIG 3 BRACKET (NOT INCLUDED) 6" DUCT < The cross section> FIG 4 STRAIGHT CONVERSION GRILL DUCT (NOT INCLUDED) tt%/i FIG 5 BACKSIDE FLANGE The charcoal filter is placed on the backside of the slot filter and it is reinstalled in the unit. Note do not place the charcoal filter over screw hole. CHARCOAL FILTER ALUMINUM SLOT FILTER The charcoal filter should be replaced every three to six months, depending on the amount of cooking that is done. Finally, please install wood hood. Your installation is now complete. If you should require service or replacement parts on your ventilation system. contact: Fuji Industrial USA,Inc. 16300 Christensen Rd, #212 Seattle, WA 98188 1-888-547-9880 FIG 6 FIG 7 READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Keep this manual in a convenient place for future reference. FUJI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD . 032582...


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