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User manual Sony, model SLV-E180EE

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manual abstract

To record on a tape again, cover the tab hole with adhesive tape. Safety tab Tips • You can select a video source from the LINE-1 IN jacks using INPUT SELECT or PROG +/–. When you use PROG +/–, “L” appears in the display window between the lowest programme position and the highest one. For SLV-E380EE only, “L1” appears for the video source connected to LINE-1 IN jacks, or “L2” for the the video source connected to LINE-2 IN jacks. • The display appears on the TV screen indicating information about the tape, but the information won’t be recorded on the tape. • If you don’t want to watch TV while recording, you can turn off the TV. Notes • The display does not appear during still (pause) mode or slow-motion playback. • The display will not appear while playing an NTSC-recorded tape. • If a tape has portions recorded in both PAL and NTSC systems, the time counter reading will not be correct. This discrepancy is due to the difference between the counting cycles of the two video systems. • When you insert a non-standard commercially available tape, the remaining time may not be correct. • The remaining time doesn’t work for an NTSC-recorded tape. “–:– –” appears in the display window. • The remaining time is intended for rough measurement only. • If you play back the tape for about 30 seconds after the tape is inserted, the remaining time will be displayed. Basic Operations Basic Operations Recording TV programmes using the timer You can preset up to eight programmes at a time. Before you start… • Check that the VCR clock is set to the correct time. • Insert a tape with its safety tab in place. Make sure the tape is longer than the total recording time. • Turn on your TV and set it to the video channel. ON/STANDBY MENU >/./? // OK p STOP 1 • MENU Press MENU, then press >/.to select TIMER and press OK. PAUSE REW PLAY OK FF STOP Basic Operations tTIMER 11. 12 FR DATE TIME PROG TODAY 19:00b20:00 35 SP/LP SP SELECT : Bb SET : Vv OK : OK PAUSE PLAY OK Set the date, start and stop times, tTIMER 11. 12 FR programme position and tape speed (SLV DATE TIME PROGE480EE only): TODAY 19:00b20:00 35 REW FF 1 Press >/.to set each item. SP/LP LP STOP 2 Press / to flash each item in turn. SELECT : Bb SET : Vv OK : OK To correct a setting, press ? to return to that setting and reset. • To record the same programme every day or the same day every week, see “Daily/weekly recording” on page 26. • To record from a source connected to the LINE-1 IN jacks, press >/.to display “L” in the “PROG” position. For SLV-E380EE, display “L1” to record from a source connected to LINE-1 IN jacks, and “L2” to record from a source connected to LINE-2 IN jacks. 3 PAUSE FFREW PLAY OK Press OK. STOP Basic Operations Press ON/STANDBY to turn off the VCR. ON/ STANDBY The indicator appears in the display window and the VCR stands by for recording. To record from a source, leave the connected equipment switched on. To stop recording To stop the VCR while recording, press p STOP. continued Basic Operations Recording TV programmes using the timer (continued) Daily/weekly recording In step 2 above, press . to select the recording pattern. Each time you press ., the indication changes as shown below. Press > to change the indication in reverse order. TODAY n SU-SA (Sunday to Saturday) n MO-SA (Monday to Saturday) n MO-FR (Monday to Friday) n SA (every Saturday) ..... n MO (every Monday) n SU (every Sunday) n 1 month later n (dates count down) n TODAY To use the VCR after setting the timer To use the VCR before a timer recording begins, just press ON/STANDBY. The indicator turns off and the VCR switches on. Remember to press ON/STANDBY to reset the VCR after using the VCR. You can also do the following tasks while the VCR is recording: • Reset the counter. • Display tape information on the TV screen. • Check the timer settings. • Watch another TV programme. To record satellite broadcasts If you connect the satellite tuner and the VCR, you can record satellite programmes. 1 Turn on the satellite tuner. 2 On the satellite tuner, select the satellite programme for which you want to make a timer setting. 3 Keep the satellite tuner turned on until the VCR finishes recording the satellite programme for which you have made a timer setting. Tips • To set the programme position, you can also use the PROG +/– buttons. • To set the tape speed, you can also use the SP/LP button (SLV-E480EE only). Note • The indicator flashes in the display window when you press ON/STANDBY with no tape inserted. Basic Operations Additional Operations Playing/searching at various speeds SLV-E480EE/E180EE SLV-E380EE & SLOW . PLAY )# FF 0 3 REW )# FF03 REW 0 REW ) FF . PLAY . PLAY Playback options Operation View the picture during fast-During fast-forward, hold down )# FF or ) FF. During forward or rewind rewind, hold down03 REW or 0 REW. Play at high speed • During playback, press )# FF or 03 REW. • During playback, hold down )# FF or 03 REW. To resume normal playback, release the button. Play...


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