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User manual Panasonic, model BBHCA1AB

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manual abstract

BB-HCA1A-B (Smoke) V Ask the authorized dealer for the installation. Supported Products (Customer-Provided) (as of Dec. 2005) This product is a camera cover for the below cameras. For the latest information, please visit the Panasonic website at Compatible Cameras Model No.: BB-HCE481A, BB-HCM381A, KX-HCM280A, KX-HCM280 Additional network camera models may become available for use with this product. Confirm that the following items are included. Included Items Contact your dealer if you have a problem with the included items. □ Camera Cover..........1 pc. Useful Information Dust on the camera cover affects the camera's image quality. Especially when the camera is zoomed out at the end, it is difficult to focus on the object due to the dust on the surface of the camera cover. Remove the dust and wipe the camera cover with a dry cloth. Note that wiping a dusty camera cover directly may cause scratching. In BB-HCE481A or BB-HCM381A, setting the automatic focus range to [Normal] prevents the dust from affecting the image quality. In KX-HCM280A or KX-HCM280, the image quality is improved in the same way by manually focusing to the far side. (See the camera's Operating Instructions for the settings.) The permeability of the camera cover is 36 %. The minimum illuminance of the object is 9 lx in normal mode (without the cover: 3 lx), and 0.27 lx in color night view mode (without the cover: 0.09 lx). The camera's indicator or Panasonic logo may be reflected into the image depending on the location, the indicator setting or the zoom magnification. In certain zoom magnification, using the camera cover may decrease the image quality. Before using, remove the protective film. During shipment, the protective film should remain attached. This product is for indoor use only. Do not install this product outdoors. Outdoor Installation may cause damage to the device. Remove the Ceiling Mounting Cover. 1 Move the Ceiling Mounting Cover to the left until the "| " of it fits to the "I " of the main unit. 2 Remove the Ceiling Mounting Cover by pulling it down. © 2005 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. PQQX14931ZA KK1205RM0 r Install the Camera Cover. Specifications Dimension (WHD) Weight About 169 mm (6 5/8 inches) x 154 mm (6 1/16 inches) x 169 mm (6 5/8 inches) About 180 g (0.4 lb.)...


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