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User manual Panasonic, model WVSC385E

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cover. Step 2 Slide the SDHC/SD memory card slot cover to the left to expose the slot. SDHC/SD memory card slot cover Step 3 Insert an SDHC/SD memory card fully into the SDHC/SD memory card slot until a click is heard. SDHC/SD memory card slot How to remove the SDHC/SD memory card Important: • Before removing the SDHC/SD memory card, select "Not use" for "SD memory card" on the [SD memory card] tab of "Basic" on the setup menu first. (. Operating Instructions (PDF)) Step 1 Open the SDHC/SD memory card slot cover by following steps 1 and 2 of the "How to insert an SDHC/SD memory card" section. Step 2 Push the SDHC/SD memory card until a click is heard and then pull the SDHC/SD memory card from the slot. Step 3 Shut the SDHC/SD memory card slot cover and lock the cover by pushing the Panasonic logo plate. Configure the network settings Configure the network settings Install the software Before installing the software, refer to the readme file on the provided CD-ROM first. Software included on the provided CD-ROM • Panasonic IP setting software Configure the network settings of the camera. Refer to the following for further information. • Viewer Software "Network Camera View 4S" It is necessary to install the viewer software "Network Camera View 4S" to display images on a PC. Install the viewer software by double-clicking the "nwcv4Ssetup.exe" icon on the provided CD-ROM. Configure the network settings of the camera using the Panasonic IP setting software It is possible to perform the network settings of the camera using the IP setup software on the provided CD-ROM. When using multiple cameras, it is necessary to configure the network settings of each camera independently. If the Panasonic IP setting software does not work, configure the network settings of the camera and the PC individually on the "Network" page of the setup menu. Refer to the Operating Instructions (PDF) for further information. Important: • When using Microsoft Windows Vista, the "Windows Security Alert" window may be displayed when starting the IP setup software. In this case, disable "User Account Control" from the control panel. • For the security enhancement, the MAC address/IP address of the camera to be configured will not be displayed when around 20 minutes have passed after turning on the power of the camera. (When the effective period is set to "20min" in the IP setup) • Panasonic IP setting software is inoperable in other subnets via the same router. • This camera cannot be displayed or set with an older version of the IP setup software (version 2.xx). Step 1 Start the Panasonic IP setting software. Step 2 Click the [Network Settings] button after selecting the MAC address/IP address of the camera to be configured. Note: • When using a DHCP server, the IP address assigned to the camera can be displayed by clicking the [Search] button of the IP setting software. • When a duplicate IP address is used, the corresponding camera number will be displayed shaded. • When the [Access Camera] button is clicked, live images of the selected camera will be displayed. • It is possible to change the "Camera list" display between IPv4 addresses and IPv6 addresses in accordance with the protocol in use. Step 3 Complete each network setup item and click the [Save] button. Note: • When selecting "DHCP" or "AutoIP", it is possible to set "DNS" to "Auto". Important: • It may take for around 2 minutes to complete to upload the settings to the camera after clicking the [Save] button. The settings may be invalidated when the 12 V DC power supply is cut or when the AC adapter or the LAN cable is disconnected before completing the upload. In this case, perform the settings again. • When using a firewall (including software), allow access to all UDP ports. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Before asking for repairs, check the symptoms with the following table. Contact your dealer if a problem cannot be solved even after checking and trying the solution in the table or a problem is not described below. Symptom Cause/solution When using DC power supply • Is the 12 V DC power cord plug (accessory) firmly inserted into the 12 V DC power terminals of the camera? Confirm the power plug is firmly connected. When using a PoE device for power supply • Are the PoE device and the network connector on the rear of the Reference pages 18 Power is not turned on. camera connected using a LAN cable (category 5, STP*)? Check whether the connection is appropriately established. * PAL model only • Depending on the PoE device, the power supply will stop when the demanded power exceeds its total power limit for all PoE ports. Refer to the operating instructions of the PoE device in use. 18 – The camera does not move to the preset positions accurately. • When the preset positions becomes inaccurate during use, it is possible to correct the positions by executing the position refresh function. In addition, when "Position refresh" is set for the created schedule, the camera position ...


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