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User manual Amtrol, model WELL-X-TROL

Manafacture: Amtrol
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6. Slowly open the service valve to allow the system to pressurize. The pressure may drop slightly during this process. After the valve is fully open, open the fixture closest to the Well-X1™ to begin drawing water from the tank. 7. When the system reaches the factory cut-in (pump on) setting of 40 psig, the pump will start. Like a traditional mechanical switch, the pressure will begin to rise, repeating the cycle. If desired, the Well-X1™ settings can now be adjusted as shown below. OPEN CLOSESTFIXTURE TO DRAW WATEROPEN SERVICE VALVETO PRESSURIZE SYSTEM PRESSURE ADJUSTMENT The Well-X1™ utilizes a simple cut-in/cut-out adjustment. Before setting the desired operating range, refer to the chart below to ensure the Well-X1's Maximum Acceptance is not exceeded. Adjust the precharge as shown on page 12. CAUTION! Exceeding Maximum Acceptance will reduce tank life and cause irreparable damage. Step 1: Find the Maximum Acceptance for the installed Well-X1™ model. Step 2: Ensure the desired operating range does not exceed that model's Maximum Acceptance. MODEL MAXIMUM ACCEPTANCE WX1-202 .57 WX1-203 .35 WX1-250 .77 WX1-251 .55 WX1-302 .54 CUT-OUT PRESSURE CUT-IN PRESSURE 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 10 .28 .38 .45 .50 .55 .59 .62 .65 .67 .69 15 .25 .34 .40 .46 .50 .54 .57 .60 .63 .65 20 .22 .30 .37 .42 .46 .50 .64 .57 .59 .61 25 .20 .27 .34 .39 .43 .47 .50 .53 .56 .58 30 .18 .25 .31 .36 .40 .44 .47 .50 .53 35 .17 .23 .29 .34 .38 .41 .45 .48 40 .16 .22 .27 .31 .35 .39 .42 45 .14 .20 .25 .30 .33 .37 50 .13 .19 .24 .28 .32 55 .13 .18 .22 .26 60 .12 .17 .21 65 .12 .16 70 .11 1. To enter the programming mode, press and hold the MODE button until LO appears. This is the cut-in setting. Factory default will be 40 psi. 2. Use the s and t arrows to raise or lower the cut- in setting. Adjustment can be made within 10 psig or as wide as 55 psig of the cut-out setting to 60 psig. If this range is exceeded, the display will cease to change even though the button is being pressed. Minimum setting is 10 psig. PRESS AND HOLD TO UNLOCK AND SET CUT-IN t t 3. To adjust the cut-out, depress MODE once and the display will read HI. Again, press thetor s buttons to raise or lower the setting. The same 10-55 psig differential range applies. Maximum setting is 80 psig. 4. After adjusting the cut-in and cut-out, release the buttons. After a slight pause, Pr will be displayed, indicating the settings are saved in the event of a power outage. PRECHARGE ADJUSTMENT Whenever the cut-in (LO) setting is changed, the tank precharge must be adjusted. To do this, shut the Well- X1™ off and open the drain to empty all water. Using an air gauge, adjust the precharge to 2 psig below the cut-in (LO) setting. Failure to adjust the precharge will result in tank damage or water interruption. DANGER! Explosion Hazard. If the Well-X1™ has been in service and a change to a higher pre-charge is necessary due to a required change in the setting, failure to follow instruction below can cause a rupture or explosion, possibly causing serious or fatal personal injury, and/or property damage. • Do not adjust or add pressure if there has been a loss of air. • Do not adjust the pre-charge pressure if there is visible exterior corrosion. • Do not adjust the pre-charge pressure if there has been a reduction in pump cycle time or the pre- charge pressure compared to its initial setting. This is because reduction in pump cycle time can result from loss of tank air pressure which in turn can mean there may be internal corrosion and any re-pressurization or additional pressure could result in rupture or explosion. PRESS AGAIN TO SET CUT-OUT AIR VALVE DRAIN 9. PUMP PROTECTION AND DIAGNOSTICS The Well-X1™ continually monitors pressure, cycle time and voltage to protect the well pump. The following error codes alert the user to a potential problem, prompting service. E1: Rapid Cycle E2: Low Suction (low water cut-off) E3: Voltage Protection E5: Improper Wiring WELL-X1™ ERROR CODES When an error occurs, the display will flash a diagnostic code and emit an audible chirp. ERROR CODE POSSIBLE CAUSES AND CONTROL ACTION E1: Rapid Cycle Multiple cycles below a safe runtime indicate an incorrect precharge, undersized Well-X1™ or waterlogged tank. Pump continues to run. E2: Low Suction Pump operation below 10 psi indicates a low well level, well piping leak, insufficient prime, failing pump or loose wiring. Pump will shut down and attempt to restart every 60 minutes. E3: Voltage Protection If line voltage varies outside a safe operating range, low or high, the control will run for up to two minutes to ensure water is available, then shut the pump off until voltage is restored to a normal range. E5: Improper Wiring This error indicates the LINE and LOAD wiring is reversed at the Well-X1™. Correct wiring to allow proper operation. NOTE: E4 is not used with the Well-X1™. 10. TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Alarm sounds 1. Error encountered 1. See Error Code section ...

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