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User manual Bosch, model DHI635HX/02

Manafacture: Bosch
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manual abstract

Cleaning the metal-mesh grease filters: During normal operation (1 to 2 hours daily), the metal-mesh grease filters should be cleaned every 8 – 10 weeks. . The filters can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, the filters may be slightly discoloured. Important: If the metal-mesh grease filters are very dirty, do NOT wash them in the dishwasher with other pots and pans. . When cleaning by hand, soak the filter mats for several hours in a hot soap solution. Then brush them off, rinse thoroughly and allow to drip dry. . To ensure the best possible results, use only original filters. Removing and installing the filter frames Removal: 1. Pull out the filter drawer all the way. 2. Press the detents on the filter frames all the way in the direction of the arrow. . If there are two grease filters, remove the front one first. 3. Fold the filter frame down at the side and remove. Installation: 1. Pull out the filter drawer all the way. 2. Insert the filter frame at an angle into the holder, fold up and attach by pressing the detent all the way. . If there are two grease filters, first insert the rear filter frame and then the front filter frame (profiled edge) into the filter drawer. Ensure that the grease filters are securely positioned on both sides. Filters and maintenance Activated carbon filter: For filtering odours during circulating-air mode. The activated carbon filter is installed above the grease filter(s) in the extractor hood. 1. Remove the grease filter(s) (see Filters and maintenance). 2. Insert the two enclosed plastic holders into the right and left sides of the extractor-hood housing and attach each holder with a screw (required only if installing an activated carbon filter for the first time). 3. Insert the activated carbon filter from below into the extractor-hood housing and lock into position on both sides. Ensure that the edge of the activated carbon filter is underneath. 4. Re-install the grease filter (see Filters and maintenance). Removal: The activated carbon filter is removed in reverse sequence. Press the locking hooks outwards. Replacing the activated carbon filter: During normal operation (1 to 2 hours daily), the activated carbon filter should be replaced approx. 1 x year. The activated carbon filter can be obtained from specialist retailers (see Optional accessories). . To ensure the best possible results, use only original filters. Disposal of the old activated carbon filter: . Activated carbon filters do NOT contain any pollutants, i.e. they can be disposed of as household rubbish. Cleaning and care For appliances with a glass plate in the pull-out vapour extractor: . The glass plate is easily removed and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. . To remove the lugs, push outwards. 1. 2. 3. 21 Replacing the light bulb 1. Switch off the extractor hood and pull out the mains plug or switch off the electricity supply at the fuse box. 2. Pull out the filter drawer all the way. 3. Pull the lamp cover forwards. 4. Replace the bulb (standard filament bulb, max 60 W, E14 bulb holder). 5. Re-insert the lamp cover. 6. Plug appliance into mains again or switch on at the fuse box. Cleaning and care Disconnect the extractor hood from the electricity supply by pulling out the mains plug or switching it off at the fuse box. . At the same time as you clean the grease filters...

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