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User manual Samsung, model RS22DCMS

Manafacture: Samsung
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Do not make small adjustment by turning the control lever, Please refer to the next page. DIFFERANCE OF HEIGHT DIFFERANCE OF HEIGHT . DRIVER(-) . DRIVER(-) .CONTROL LEVER .CONTROL LEVER Please level the refrigerator first. NOTE ADJUST THE CLEARANCE BETWEEN THE DOORS ADJUST THE CLEARANCE BETWEEN THE DOORS Making small adjustments between doors. Adjustment part . WRENCH . NUT . BOLT . WRENCH . NUT . BOLT . WRENCH . BOLT Please open the doors and adjust the doors as follows: 1) Release the nut (.) on the lower hinge until the upper end of the bolt (.). NOTE When you release the nut(.), use enclosed hex wrench (.) to turn the bolt(.) a little counter clockwise to make the nut(.) loose with your fingers. 2) Please adjust the height difference between the doors turning the bolt (.) turn clockwise( ) or counter clockwise ( ). NOTE When you turn clockwise ( ), the door goes up. 3) After adjusting the doors, turn the nut (.) turn clockwise ( ) until the lower end of the bolt, then tighten the bolt again with the wrench (.) to fix the nut(.). NOTE If you do not fix the nut (.) firmly, the bolt (.) may be released. 28 CHECKING THE WATER DISPENSER LINE (OPTIONAL) 1) In order to operate the ice maker properly, water pressure of 1.4 ~ 10 kgf/cm2 is required. In this range a 100 cc paper cup can be filled in 10 seconds. 2) The water filter removes particles. It does not sterilize or destroy any micro-organisms. 3) If the refrigerator is installed in an area with low water pressure (below 1.4kgf/cm2), you should install a booster pump to compensate for the low pressure. 4) Ensure the water storage tank inside the refrigerator is preperly filled initially. Push the water dis penser lever until the water runs from the outlet. NOTE A universal water supply kit is available at extra cost from your dealer. The refrigerator manufacturer recommends using a water supply kit containing copper tubing. Checking the Parts Purifier (Interior model) Sealing tape Clip A x 8EA Purifier lock station Tightening band Water line Purifier Tapping screw x 12EA (Exterior model) 29 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLING OF THE WATER DISPENSER LINE For Interior Model (Case 1) Connecting to water supply line 1. Cold Water line -Shut off the main water supply line and turn the Ice 2. Pipe Clamp.maker to the off position. 3.Copper (or Plastic) line -Locate the nearest cold drinking water line. 4.Compression Nut -Follow the instructions in the ice maker installation kit. 5.Compression Sleeve 6.Shut Off Valve 7.Packing Nut. Connect the water line to the refrigerator -Slip the compression nut and plastic ferrule through the plastic tube. -After inserting the sleeve, tighten the compres-sion nut onto 1/4” compression fitting(union). Do not overtighten the compression nut. NOTE -Slip the compression ferrule and nut on copper(or plastic) tubing as shown. Tighten the comperssion nut onto the com-pression fitting(union). -Turn water on and check for any leakege. NOTE Waterline must be connected to d...

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