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User manual Samsung, model RS2555RS

Manafacture: Samsung
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POWER COOL BUTTON Speeds up the cooling process in the refrigerator POWER FREEZE BUTTON Speeds up the freezing process in the freeze. MOISTURE CONTROL BUTTON Initially the light of moisture control button is on. If the moisture in the dispenser or Beverage StationTM is found, press this button. So the light will be on, and eliminate the moisture. ICE TYPE BUTTON Use this button to choose Cubed or Crushed Ice or Ice off. CHILD LOCK BUTTON When this button is pressed for 3 sec., the Power Freeze, Power Cool, Freeze Temp. Fridge Temp. are locked and can not be modified. The Water and Ice dispenser are not locked as to allow for usage. Basic Model (With CoolSelect ZoneTM) Dispenser Model (With CoolSelect ZoneTM) Dispenser Model (With CoolSelect ZoneTM) 6 CONTROL PANEL Opitonal 7 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS DIGITAL PANEL • This light indicates the recyclable deodorizer is in operation. • Recycle the honeycomb cartridge once or twice a year (see “Cleaning the Accessories” section) • This light is on when you press the Power Cool button. Press the button to quickly return the refrigerator to the set temperature. • Press the button again to cancel the Power Cool mode. • This light is on when you press the Power Freeze button. Press this button to quickly return the freezer to the set temperature. • If you need much ice, you can get ice faster. • Press the button again to cancel the Power Freezer mode. • Press the Ice Type button in seqence to choose Cubed Ice, Crushed Ice or Ice Off to stop making ice. • Bright icon indicates the ice state currently operated. Cubed Ice, Crushed Ice and Ice Off • When the green light changes to orange, it is time to replace the water filter. If indicator is red, quick replacement is strongly recommended. • When the water filer is replaced, reset the indicator by pressing the Ice Type button and the Child Lock buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. • To turn this indicator off, press the Ice Type and Child Lock buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. Filter Indicator Power Freeze Power Cool Deodorizer Freezer Temp. indicates the current freezer temperature. Fridge Temp. indicates the current refrigerator temperature. Quick Cool,Thaw, and Select show the status of the CoolSelect ZoneTMDrawer Press the Ice Type button to select the type of ice: • Cubed Ice If the Ice remains in the Ice bucket, the cubed ice is obtained. Push the ice dispenser lever with a cup. • Place a cup in line with the dispenser lever the dispenser to prevent ice from jumping out. 8 ICE and COLD WATER DISPENSER Ice Dispenser The ice maker produces 10 cubes at once and about 120 cubes a day automatically. This quantity may be influenced by factors such as the freezer temperature, the Power Freeze function and the number of door openings.When your refrigerator is plugged in, the Cubed Ice mode is automatically selected . Water Dispenser The capacity of the water tank is approximately 1.2l. Cold Water • Push the water dispenser lever with a cup. • If you have just...

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