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User manual Samsung, model RW13EBSS

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Otherwise, the refrigerator will exit from the keyboard lock mode. ♦ 7-3.In the keyboard lock mode, no action will happen and DIAPLAY will show "LO" if any key is pressed (internal lamp key excluded). When the key is released, DISPLAY will show the actual temperature. MAINTENANCE & CLEANING Please remove the plug from the outlet first before cleaning. Inside ♦ Please take out the racks, wash them with sterilization sprayand dry them with a clean cloth. The door should be cleaned carefully by using neutral detergent and a soft cloth. Water collector ♦ Pour outthe water in the collector and replace it after cleaning. Attention ♦The plug should be removed from the outlet and the door should be opened when you are doing the cleaning or the refrigerator is not to be used for a long time. ♦ Do not clean the refrigerator with water or chemicals. CAUTION ♦ Do not disassemble, repair and rebuild the refrigerator by yourself. ck ♦ Do not let children play around the refrigerator. If the refrigerator is to be discarded, please remove the doorin orderto prevent the child from being sealed in it. ♦ Do not put inflammable nearthe refrigerator. ♦When gas leaking happens, do not remove the plug from the outlet or adjust the temperature. Please turn off the gas first. ♦ Please remove the plug from the outlet immediately when there are noises, fumes or abnormal odor in the refrigerator and contact the service center promptly. ♦ Do not put thermal bottle, medicine or metal chains on the refrigerator. WARNING_ ♦ Keep ventilation openings,in the appliance enclosure or in the built-in structure, clear of obstruction. ♦ Do not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the de -frosting process,other than those recommended by the manufacturer. ♦ Do not damage the refrigerant circuit. ♦ Do not use electrical appliances inside the food storage compartments of the appliance .unless they are of the type recommended by the man -ufacturer ADDITION Instructions for replacing the illuminating lamps ♦When the lamp need to be replaced, please power off the wine chiller at first, then remove the two screws that were used to fix the lamp cover,removing the lamp cover and then pull the old lamp,replacing a new one,fixing the lamp cover with screws . ♦ Finally,power on the wine chiller. ♦ Max.rated input of lamp:7W > Q) **- (Ü CO N (/> ♦-* L- m Q. **- O 0) E (U SJ c c o o c *- O 05 « Ë t/> Q a> o 4-> w o CONTROL PANEL Red wine key White wine key Custom Interior light key Red wine indicator White wine indicator Custom indicator, After the power is switched on, all indicators will light up for self-inspection and then the refrigerator will be automatically set on the red wine mode. At that time, the red wine indicator will light up and DISPLAY will show the actual temperature. Note: In the red wine mode, the temperature setting is 13 "C (15’C ~12'C), Which is suitable mainly for the storage of red wine. Inthe white wine mode, the temperature setting is 7 'C (9"C ~5"C), which is suitable mainly forthe storage of white wine. In the custom mode, the temperature can be set in the range of 4'C~18'C according to user's requirement. ♦2-3 When the white wine key is released, DISPLAY will show the actual temper 3 -ature. p 3.CUSTOM MODE_ ►3-1 If you press the custom key when the refrigerator is in the custom mode, DISPLAY will show the temperature setting. _ r-+ O ► 3-2 If you press the custom key when the refrigerator is not in the custom -i mode, the custom indicator will light up, DISPLAY will show the tempera “ ° -ture preset by the user and the refrigerator will start running inthe custom 2 ro —I 3 mode. ♦3-3 When the custom key is released, DISPLAY will show the actual tempera -ture. 4. ADJUSTMENT OF TEMPERATURE ♦ 4-1 Please letthe refrigerator run in the usersetting mode. ♦ 4-2 Press the user sett...

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