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User manual Bosch, model KFN91PJ20N/01

Manafacture: Bosch
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A system certified for cyst reduction may be used for disinfected water that contains cysts that can be filtered out, among other things. The entire system (apart from the cartridge) is subject to a one-year warranty. In the case of the cartridges, the warranty only covers material/processing defects. The service life of the cartridges depends on the local water properties, so no guarantee of service life is given. For more information on the price of spare parts, contact your local appliance dealer or parts agent. Manufactured by: Cuno Engineered Products 1000 Apollo Road Eagan, MN 55121-2240 U.S.A en Saving energy • Install the appliance in a dry room that can be ventilated; not in direct sunlight or in the proximity of a heat source (e.g. radiator, cooker). If necessary, use an insulating plate. • Allow warm food and beverages to cool before putting them into the appliance. • Put frozen foods that are to be thawed out into the fridge. This means that you will then use the coldness of the frozen foods to chill the other food in the fridge compartment. • Open the appliance doors for as short a period as possible. • Occasionally clean the rear of the appliance to prevent an increased power consumption. Operating noises Completely normal noises Humming - cooling unit is running, air circulation fan is running. Bubbling, whirring, or gurgling noises refrigerant is flowing through the pipes, water is flowing into the ice maker. Clicking - motor is switching on or off, solenoid valve on water connection is opening or closing. Rumbling - finished ice cubes from the ice maker are falling into the ice cube container. Preventing noises If the appliance is positioned unevenly Use a spirit level to align the appliance so that it is level. This can be achieved by using the threaded feet or by placing something beneath it. If the appliance is touching adjacent units or appliances Move the appliance away from adjoining furniture or appliances. If drawers, baskets or storage surfaces are loose or sticking Check the parts that can be removed and reposition them if necessary. If containers are touching Move the bottles or containers apart slightly. Defrosting Freezer compartment Thanks to the fully automatic no-frost system, the freezer compartment remains ice-free. There is no need to defrost it. Fridge compartment The defrosting is performed automatically. The condensation flows through the drainage hole to an evaporation tray on the rear of the appliance. Switching the appliance off and placing it out of operation Switching off the appliance Pull out mains plug or switch off circuit breaker. Disconnecting the appliance If you do not use the appliance for long periods: 1. You must interrupt the water supply to the appliance several hours before switching it off. 2. Remove all food from the appliance. 3. Pull out the mains plug. 4. Remove the filter cartridge and throw it away. 5. Empty and clean the ic...


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