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User manual Parkside, model X3

Manafacture: Parkside
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4. Careful handling and use of electrical power tools a) Do not overload the device. Always use an electrical power tool that is intended for the task you are undertaking. By using the right electrical power tool for the job you will work more safely and achieve a better result. 8 GB General safety advice for electrical power tools b) Do not use an electrical power tool if its switch is defective. An electrical power tool that can no longer be switched on and off is dangerous and must be repaired. c) Pull the mains plug out of the socket before you make any adjustments to the device, change accessories or when the device is put away. This precaution is intended to prevent you from unintentionally starting the device. d) When not in use always ensure that electrical power tools are kept out of reach of children. Do not let anyone use the device if he or she is not familiar with it or has not read the instructions and advice. Electrical power tools are dangerous when they are used by inexperienced people. e) Look after the device carefully. Check that moving parts are working properly and move freely. Check for any parts that are broken or damaged enough to detrimentally affect the functioning of the device. Have damaged parts repaired before you use the device. Many accidents have their origins in poorly maintained electrical power tools. f) Keep cutting tools clean and sharp. Carefully maintained cutting tools with sharp cutting edges are less likely to jam and are easier to control. g) use the electrical power tool, accessories, inserted tools etc. in accordance with these instructions and advice, and the stipulations drawn up for this particular type of device. In doing this, take into account the working conditions and the task in hand. The use of electrical power tools for purposes other than those intended can lead to dangerous situations. 5. Careful handling and use of rechargeable devices a) Charge a rechargeable battery unit using only the charger recommended by the manufacturer. Chargers are often designed for a particular type of rechargeable battery unit. There is the danger of fire if other types of rechargeable battery units are used. b) Only the rechargeable battery units supplied are to be used with an electrical power tool. The use of other rechargeable battery units may lead to the danger of injury or fire. c) When they are not being used, store rechargeable battery units away from paperclips, coins, keys. nails, screws or other small metal objects that could cause the contacts to be bridged. Shortcircuiting the contacts of a rechargeable battery unit may result in heat damage or fire. d) Fluids may leak out of rechargeable battery units if they are misused. If this happens, avoid contact with the fluid. If contact occurs, flush the affected area with water. Seek additional medical help if any of the fluid gets into your eyes. Escaping battery fluid may cause skin irritation or burns. Safety advice relating to cordless drill drivers J Securely support the workpiece. A workpiece held in a clamp or vice is kept more securely in place than one held by your hand. J Hold the electrical power tool firmly. High reaction torques may occur momentarily during tightening or loosening of screws. J If the inserted tool jams, switch off the electrical power tool immediately. Be prepared for high reaction torques as they may cause kickback. WArnInG! The inserted tool may strike concealed electricity cables, therefore when working you must GB 9 General safety advice for … / Before first use / Preparing the tool for use J hold the electrical power tool by the insulated handle areas only. Contact with a live wire means that the metal parts of the electrical power tools may become live and this can result in an electric shock. Before you carry out any tasks on the device, transport or store it, make sure that the direction of rotation switch is in the middle position (lock). To prevent the device from starting up unintentionally. Q Original ancillaries / accessories J use only the ancillaries and accessories that are detailed in the operating instructions. The use of ancillaries and accessories other than those recommended in the operating instructions could lead to an increased risk of personal injury for you. Q Before first use Q Charging the rechargeable battery on the device (see Fig. D) note: The battery is supplied partially charged. Charge the battery for at least three hours before first use. You can charge the Li-Ion battery at any time without risk of shortening battery life. Interrupting the charging process does not damage the battery. Starting the charging process: j Connectthemainsadapter 10 toa230/240V~ 50Hz mains socket. j Connect the mains adapter 10 to the charging socket on the device 5 . The rechargeable battery is charged when the battery indicator 3 changes from red to green. j j Disconnect the mains adapter 10 from the mains socket. Disconnect the mains adapter 10 from the charging sock...

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