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User manual Parkside, model X3

Manafacture: Parkside
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The use of ancillaries and accessories other than those recommended in the operating instructions could lead to an increased risk of personal injury for you. Q Before first use Q Charging the rechargeable battery on the device (see Fig. D) note: The battery is supplied partially charged. Charge the battery for at least three hours before first use. You can charge the Li-Ion battery at any time without risk of shortening battery life. Interrupting the charging process does not damage the battery. Starting the charging process: j Connectthemainsadapter 10 toa230/240V~ 50Hz mains socket. j Connect the mains adapter 10 to the charging socket on the device 5 . The rechargeable battery is charged when the battery indicator 3 changes from red to green. j j Disconnect the mains adapter 10 from the mains socket. Disconnect the mains adapter 10 from the charging socket on the device Q Changing the bits / screwdriver bit inserts Ending the charging process: 5 . Insertion: j Insert the bit directly into the tool holder 9 . removal: j Pull out the bit out of the tool holder 9 . Q Preparing the tool for use Q Switching on / off the cordless screwdriver Switching on: j To start the appliance squeeze on the ON / OFF switch 7 and then keep it pressed down. Switching off: j To stop the appliance, release the ON/OFF switch 7 . Q Changing the direction of rotation Clockwise: j Slide the direction of rotation switch 1 to the left. j Press the ON/OFF switch 7 . The direction indicator (clockwise) 2 illuminates. You can now screw in the screws. Anticlockwise: j Slide the direction of rotation switch 1 to the right. j Press the ON/OFF switch 7 . The direction indicator (anticlockwise) 4 illuminates. You can now screw out the screws. 10 GB/IE/CY Preparing the tool for use/Maintenance and cleaning/Service/Warranty Lock: j Slide the direction of rotation switch 1 into the middle position. The ON/OFF switch 7 is now locked. Q Switching on / off the LED lights 8 Switching on: j Press the ON/OFF switch (LED lights) 6 and keep it pressed. Switching off: j Release the ON/OFF switch (LED lights) 6 . Q Tips and Tricks j Screw bits are designated with their dimensions and their shape. If you are unsure, always try the particular screw bit out to see whether it sits in the screw head without any free play. Q Maintenance and cleaning J WArnInG! DAnGEr OF ELECTrIC SHOCK! Pull the mains adapter 10 out of the mains socket before carrying out any cleaning of the device. The cordless screwdriver is maintenance-free. j Always keep the device clean, dry and free of oil or grease. j Do not allow any liquids to enter the device. j Use a cloth to clean the housing. Never use petrol, solvents or cleaning agents that might attack plastic. Q Service J WArnInG! Have your device repaired at the service centre or by qualified specialist personnel using original manufacturer parts only. This will ensure that your device remains safe to use. J WArnInG! If the plug or lead needs to be replaced, always have the replacement carried out by the manufacturer or its service centre. This will ensure that your device remains safe to use. Q Warranty This appliance is guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase. It has been carefully produced and meti-culously checked before delivery. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase. Contact your service centre by telephone in case of questions pertaining to the warranty. Your goods can be transmitted free of cost only in this manner. This warranty applies only to the initial purchaser and is non-transferable. The warranty covers only material or manufacturing faults, not normal wear or damage to fragile parts such as switches or rechargeable batteries. The appliance is intended solely for private, not commercial, use. If this product has been subjected to improper or inappropriate handling, abuse, or interventions not carried out by one of our authorised sales and service outlets, the warranty will be considered void. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. GB DES Ltd units 14-15 Bilston Industrial Estate Oxford Street Bilston (Great Britain) WV14 7EG Tel.: 0870/787-6177 Fax: 0870/787-6168 e-mail: support.uk@kompernass.com GB/IE/CY 11 Warranty/Disposal/Conformity Declaration/Manufacturer IE Komperna. Service Ireland Tel.: 1850 930 412 (0,082 €/Min.) * Standard call rates apply. Mobile operators may vary. e-mail: support.ie@kompernass.com Q Disposal The packaging comprises exclusively en- vironmentally-friendly material. Dispose of it in your local recycling containers. Do not dispose of electrical appliances with your domestic waste! In accordance with European Directive 2002/96/EC, worn out electrical power tools must be collected separately and taken for environmentally compatible recycling. Do not dispose of rechargeable batteries with your household refuse! Defective or worn out rechargeable batteries must be recycled according to Directive 2006/66/EC. Dispose of batteries and appliances over the exist...

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