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User manual Bosch, model PMF1232/01

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In the case of health problems or . Pregnancy . Fever, PMF1232 1/2008 6 en 6 en . Serious diabetes, . Skin ailments or injuries, particularly open wounds . Inlammation of the feet or lower legs . Vein conditions, thrombosis or varicose veins . Bruises or pain in the feet, legs or joints . TB or cancers The appliance must not be used without consulting a doctor in advance. Use of the foot spa is not a substitute for therapy carried out by a physician. Application General The gentle oscillations and the bubbling water relax muscles and reinvigorate tired feet. The infrared heat source enables the targeted warming of a speciic area of the foot. The attachments supplied and the massage rollers pamper and massage the feet. A session should not last longer than 15 –20 minutes. Sit down during use, and under no circumstances stand up with your feet in the spa! The appliance is not designed to take the full weight of the user. Use The appliance must not be connected to the power supply during illing or emptying. . Uncoil the lead and place the foot spa on the loor in front of a chair. . Plug in the lead and check that the appliance is switched off. Ensure no LED indicator is lit. . Unplug the appliance once again and ill with warm water up to the ~ mark. . Reconnect the lead. . Sit down and place the feet in the foot bath 1, ensuring you are in a comfortable position. . Switch the appliance on with buttons 5, 6 or 7 and pamper your feet (max. period of use approx. 20 min). – Button 5 switches on the vibration massage and the infrared heat 8 – Button 6 activates the water stream massage in the center of the unit – Button 7 starts the bubble function, and switches on the heating to keep the water warm. It is not possible to heat up cold water by this method. . Switch off the appliance when you have inished bathing your feet. To switch off the selected function, press the button concerned once again. . Remove the feet from the foot bath and unplug the lead. Lift the appliance by the indented grips and pour out the water via the cutouts. Info: The buttons with the various functions can also be combined as desired for optimum massage. The indicator light above each button lights up when this is switched on. Tip: To ensure special relaxation and care for the feet, a nonfoaming, nonoily care preparation can be added to the water. Use of accessories Afix the desired attachment a, b or c to the adapter 9. The soles of the feet can be massaged using the massage brush a and the massage ball attachment b. The “pumice stone” attachment c is suitable for the gentle removal of hardened skin. . Treat the particular part of the foot with the appropriate attachment. Tip: Flakes of dead skin can be readily removed with the “pumice stone” after a foot bath, when the skin is very soft. Robert Bosch Hausgerate GmbH 7en 7en Use of infrared heat The infrared heat source enables speciic parts of the foot to be warmed selectively. Use of the massage rollers The massage rollers d can optionally be snapped into place in the base plate or removed, as desired. When inserting the rollers, pay attention to the markings R for right and L for left. . Move the soles of the feet backwards and forwards on the massage rollers d to massage them. Cleaning and storage .! Danger of electric shock! The appliance must be disconnected from the power for cleaning. Never immerse the appliance in water. Do not use steam cleaners. . Simply wipe the exterior of the appliance with a damp cloth and dry. Do not use any sharp objects or scourers to clean the unit. . Rinse out the interior with water and a mild cleaning agent and pour out the water via the projecting lip . Finally ill with clean water and pour out once more Info: The splashguard 4 can be removed for cleaning. Store the appliance only when dry, with the lead coiled up on the cable tidy 3 on the underside of the appliance. Disposal A This appliance is labelled in accordance with the European Directive 2002/96/EG relating to waste electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE. The directive provides the framework for the EUwide takeback and disposal of endoflife appliances. Please ask your specialist retailer about current disposal facilities. Guarantee The guarantee conditions for this appliance are as deined by our representative in the country in which it is sold. Details regarding these conditions can be obtained from the dealer from whom the appliance was purchased. The bill of sale or receipt must be produced when making any claim under the terms of this guarantee. Changes reserved. PMF1232 1/2008 8 fr 8 fr Lire attentivement ce mode d‘emploi, s‘y conformer et bien conserver. Cet appareil est destine a une utilisation privee et n‘est pas concu a des ins industrielles ou medicales. Consignes de securite .! Danger de choc electrique ! Ne brancher et n‘utiliser l‘appareil que conformement aux donnees indiquees sur la plaquette de type. Ne pas conier l’appareil a des enfants ou a des personnes aux capacite...


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