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User manual Fellowes, model 480

Manafacture: Fellowes
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Before start-up – Undo the wing screws securing the unit during transportation 7. Operation Read operating instructions before putting shredder into operation Insert plug in power outlet Install waste bag for shredded material – Open front door and completely remove bag frame from cabinet – Fold new bag around frame. Allow bag to overhang frame by approximately 7" (20 cm). – Slide frame with bag back into cabinet – Close cabinet door. Switching equipment ON 1 – Press rocker switch to pos. 1 • Switch locks in "on" position • Equipment is ready for operation (stand by) • Green LED lights – Feed paper • The shredding process is started by photo–cells in the paper feed opening. Insert paper and shredding begins automatically. • When the shredding is complete, the cutting system automatically stops after approx. 3 sec. Switching equipment OFF – Press rocker switch to pos. 2 2 • Switch resets to center position and the machine is turned off. Feeding continuous forms – Pass the leading edge of the form under the paper guide roller (1) and into the paper feed opening (2). 2 1 Edition 01/03 480C Paper shredder 480-2HS 8. Checklist for Inoperative Machine If the equipment does not work properly, please check the following points first: – Is the plug inserted? – Is the switch turned on? – Is the cabinet door closed? – Is waste receptacle full? Empty waste bag. – Is there a paper jam in the shredder? – Is the motor overheated? Switch machine off and allow motor to cool down for approximately 15–20 min. If none of the above applies and the equipment stil does not run, please contact our customer service department. 9. Malfunctions Paper jam Red LED lights • Press and hold down rocker switch in pos. 2 to reverse the cutting system 2 and back out jammed material (paper is pushed out) Caution! Do notattempt to force the jammed material through the machine by 1 alternating the cutting system between 2 forward and reverse • Remove excess paper 1 • Return switch to pos. 1 and continue shredding in smaller quantities so as not to jam the machine further Note: The 480-2HS will not runforward again unless the jammed material has been completely removed from the throat Motor Overheating Red LED lights Paper shredder switches off automatically. • Tap rocker switch pos. 2 2 e Rocker switch resets to zero position • Allow shredder to cool down for approximately 15-20 minutes. 1 • Return switch to "on" position (1) and continue shredding. Cabinet door ajar / bag full Red LED lights Paper shredder switches off automatically. • Tap rocker switch pos. 2 . Rocker switch resets to zero 2 position • Make sure cabinet door is properly closed and/or empty waste bag. 1 • Return switch to "on" position (1) and continue shredding. 10. Maintenance (Cross cut unit only) – When shredding capacity drops or the noise increases • Apply oil over full width of cutting cylinders through the paper entry (Fellowes Powershred Lubricant # 35250). CAUTION: Do not use flammable synthetic oil, petro...

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