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User manual LG, model LGP760

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NOTEOn the Home screen, you can view quick keys at the bottom of the screen. The quick keys provide easy, one-tap access to the functions you use the most. Customizing your Home screen You can customize your Home screen by adding quick access elements, such as shortcuts, widgets, folders to it, or changing the wallpaper. • Apps: Add shortcuts to applications on the Home screen. • Downloads: Add shortcuts to downloaded applications on the Home screen. • Widgets: Add dynamically updating widgets to your Home screen to allow quick access to applications without opening the full application. • Wallpapers: Change the Home screen wallpaper. To add shortcuts to Apps or Widgets on the Home screen: 1 Select a location (Home screen panels) to add an item by swiping the Home screen from left to right or vice versa. 2 Tap the (on the top right of the screen) and click an item. Or, touch and hold an empty part of the Home screen. 3 Tap the type of item you want to add on the screen: Apps, Downloads, Widgets, or Wallpapers. 4 Tap an available apps, downloads, or widget. 5 You will see a new icon on the Home screen. To place it on a different panel, touch and hold it to drag it to the desired location on the desired panel and release your finger from the screen. TIPTo add a preloaded application or an application you have downloaded from Play Store to the Home screen, simply touch and hold the icon you want in the Applications Screen to add to the Home screen. Your Home screen NOTEIf there is no available space on aparticular Home screen panel, youmust delete or remove an item before you can add another item. In this case, you have the option of switching to another Home screen panel. To delete an application icon from the Home screen, touch and hold the shortcut icon you want to delete and drag to the Remove icon at the top of the screen. You cannot delete the preloaded applications. (Only their icons can be deleted from the screen). Customizing Apps Icons on Home screen You can customize each application icon. 1 Editing icon appears when you take off your finger after touch & hold an app icon for a while. 2 Tap the app again and select a desired icon design. Or tap Create photo icon to take a new picture or select a picture from the Gallery. Getting back to a recently used application 1 Touch and hold the Home Key . The screen will display the icons of applications that you have used recently. 2 Tap an icon to open its application or tap the Back Key to return to the current application. Notifications panel Notification icons on the Status Bar report the arrival of new messages, calendar events, alarms, as well as ongoing events, such as when you are on a call. You can view and edit a list of all recent notifications. The Notifications Panel runs across the top of your screen. 1 Touch the Status Bar to show the Notifications tab, then drag the tab to the bottom of the screen to open the Notifications Panel. 2 Touch the notification area to start the associated application. Touch and hold the Status Bar and slide it down with your finger to open the Notifications Panel. From here, you can check and quickly turn on and off Sound mode, QuickMemo, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and any other options you add. Your Home screen Viewing the Status Bar The Status Bar uses different icons to display phone information, such as signal strength, new messages, battery life, and active Bluetooth and data connections. Below is a table explaining the meaning of icons you are likely to see in the Status Bar. [Status Bar] Icon Description No SIM card inserted No network signal available Airplane mode is on Connected to a Wi-Fi network Wired headset connected Call in progress Call on hold Speakerphone is on Phone microphone is muted Icon Description Missed call Bluetooth is on Connected to a Bluetooth device Alarm is set New voicemail available Ringer is silenced Vibrate mode is on Battery fully charged Battery is charging Phone is connected to PC via USB cable Downloading data Uploading data GPS is on Receiving location data from GPS On-Screen Phone connected Icon Description 3 more notifications not displayed Data is synchronizing Download finished New email available New Gmail available New Google Talk message available New text/multimedia message available Song is playing Upcoming event USB tethering is active. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is active Data in and out SmartShare On SmartShare music playing On-screen Keyboard You can enter text using the on-screen keyboard. The on-screen keyboard displays automatically on the screen when you need to enter text. To manually display the keyboard, simply tap a text field where you want to enter text. There are two types of keypads that you can use: Google voice typing and LG keyboard. To select the keyboard: 1 Tap the Menu Key > System settings > Language & input > Default (Under KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS). 2 Select the default keyboard between Google voice typing and LG Keyboard. Your Home screen LG keyboard - ...

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