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User manual LG, model P760 Optimus L9

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It is divided by the type of files stored. SD CARD You can monitor the used and available space on your microSD card. Unmount SD card - Tap this to unmount the microSD card from your phone you can safely remove it from your device. Erase SD card - Permanently erases everything on the microSD card and prepares it for use with your phone. Power saver Turn Power saver on - Select the level you want to turn on the Power saver. Power saver tips - Touch to access some tips for Power saver. POWER SAVING ITEMS - Select to turn off features when battery is low. Auto-sync - Turn off Auto-sync. Wi-Fi - Turn off Wi-Fi if data is not in use. Bluetooth - Turn off Bluetooth if not connected. Vibrate on touch - Turn off touch feedback. Brightness - Adjust the brightness. Screen timeout - Adjust screen timeout of screen. Front key light - Adjust Front key light timeout. BATTERY INFORMATION - View the amount of power consumed by your device. Settings Apps You use the Applications settings menu to view details about the applications installed on your phone, manage their data, force them to stop, and to set whether you want to permit installation of applications that you obtain from websites and email. Tap the Downloaded, On SD card, Running or All tabs to view information about your installed apps. PERSONAL Accounts & sync Use the Accounts & sync settings menu to add, remove, and manage your GoogleTM and other supported accounts. You also use these settings to control how and whether all applications send, receive, and sync data on their own schedules and whether all applications can synchronize user data automatically. GmailTM, Calendar, and other applications may also have their own settings to control how they synchronize data; see the sections on those applications for details. Slide right to enable adding account or sync. Touch ADD ACCOUNT to add new account. Location services Use the Location services menu to set your preferences for using and sharing your location when you search for information and use location-based applications, such as Maps. Google’s location service - Checkmark to use information from Wi-Fi and mobile networks to determine your approximate location, used while searching in Google Maps and other applications. When you checkmark this option, you’re asked whether you consent to sharing your location anonymously with Google’s location service. GPS satellites - Checkmark to enable your phone’s standalone global positioning system (GPS) satellite receiver to pinpoint your location to within an accuracy as close as several meters (“street level”). Actual GPS accuracy depends on a clear view of the sky and other factors. Location & Google search - Let Google use your location to improve search results and other services. Security Use the Security settings to configure how to help secure your phone and its data. SIM CARD LOCK Set up SIM card lock - Opens a screen to set if you want to require a PIN to use or, if set, allows you to change the PIN. PASSWORDS Password typing visible - Checkmark to briefly show each character of passwords as you enter them so that you can see what you enter. PHONE ADMINISTRATION Phone administrators - Add or remove device administrators. Unknown sources - Allow installation of non-Play Store applications. CREDENTIAL STORAGE Trusted credentials - Checkmark to allow applications to access your phone’s encrypted store of secure certificates and related passwords and other credentials. You use credential storage to establish some kinds of VPN and Wi-Fi connections. If you have not set a password for the secure credential storage, this setting is dimmed. Install from storage - Touch to install a secure certificate from a microSD card. Clear credentials - Deletes all secure certificates and related credentials and erases the secure storage’s own password, after prompting you to confirm that you want to do this. Language & input Select the language for the text on your phone and for configuring the on-screen keyboard, including words that you’ve added to its dictionary. Language - Choose a language to use on your phone. Personal dictionary - Allows you to view, edit, and add words to your personal dictionary. Settings KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS Default - Shows the default keyboard type. Checkmark the keyboard you want to use from Google voice typing, LG Keyboard. And tap to configure each keyboard’s settings. SPEECH Voice Search - Touch to configure the Voice Search settings. Text-to speech output - Touch to set the preferred engine or general settings for text-to-speech output. MOUSE/TRACKPAD Pointer speed - Adjust the pointer speed. Backup & reset BACKUP & RESTORE Back up my data - Back up app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings to Google servers. Backup account - Displays the accounts that are currently being backed up. Automatic restore - When reinstalling an app, restore backed up settings and data. PERSONAL DATA Factory data reset - Erases all data on the phone. SYSTEM Date...

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