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User manual Winegard, model WB-2700

Manafacture: Winegard
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Press and hold the [ENTER] button for 2 seconds. Press [SELECT] to choose Yes. Satellite Interface Enter User Menu? Yes No POWER ENTER SELECT * Press [ENTER] to confirm selection. You are now in the Main Menu. Press [ENTER] to confirm Satellite Setup. Satellite Interface Satellite Setup* Enter Sleep POWER ENTER SELECT Press [ENTER] to confirm Sat Provider. From Service Provider menu press [SELECT] to select Dish. Press [ENTER] to confirm. Satellite Interface Service Provider *DTV DISH BELL POWER ENTER SELECT You must now choose if you subscribe to DISH 500 or DISH 1000 programming. Call Dish Network customer service if you are unsure of your programming option. If you subscribe to all High Definition programming, you should choose the DISH 1000 option. Press [SELECT] to select your Dish Network Programming Type. Press [ENTER] to confirm. Select Yes and press [ENTER] to save the setting. A confirmation message will appear. The satellite antenna will reset and begin its search routine for satellite 119. Your satellite antenna is now set for Dish Network programming. Each time you power on the Satellite Interface, the satellite antenna will locate Dish Network programming. Configure Dish Network Receiver In order to use the satellite antenna in automatic mode, the Dish Network Receiver must be configured with the proper switch installed. Satellite Interface DISH 1000* DISH 500 POWER ENTER SELECT The Dish Network switch is a receiver setting, not a physical part. The Dish Network switch tells the receiver which satellite to look at, depending which channel the receiver is tuned to. If you use your receiver in your RV only, you should only have to run the “Check Switch” test during the initial installation. If you move your Receiver between your RV and your home, you must run the “Check Switch” test each time you move your receiver. For example, if your receiver is in your home and you move it to your RV, you must run the check switch test once your RV’s satellite system is on signal. If you move your receiver from your RV to your home, you should run the check switch after you have connected your receiver to your home antenna. Refer to your receiver manual for more information. Install the Satellite Switch For most Dish Network receivers, the following commands will help you navigate to the correct menu locations. If you need help reaching the following menus, refer to your receiver’s manual. If you install a second receiver, you should connect the secondary receiver to the primary coax and run the switch test. After test is complete, connect the receiver to secondary coax at receiver’s permanent location. Power on your satellite receiver and press [POWER] on the Satellite Interface. The antenna will begin its search routine and lock on to and come to rest on satellite 119°W after some satellite verification. If you have an in-motion system, the antenna will enter “tracking” mode for 7 minutes after locking on to the signal. After 7 minutes, the dish will enter sleep mode. For best results, wait until the unit is in sleep mode to run the check switch test. After unit enters Sleep Mode, you now have 6 minutes to run the check switch test. Press the “Menu” button on the Dish Network remote control. Select “System Setup” option “6”. Select “Installation”, option “1”. Select “Point Dish/Signal” option “1”. If you do not see signal on your meter, be sure satellite 119 is selected and try a different transponder. All transponders may not be active. See Figure 5.1. Select “Check Switch” from the Point Dish Screen. Be sure that any options, such as “Alternate” or “Superdish” are unchecked. Select “Test.” The receiver will test the satellite antenna to verify which switch should be installed. After the test is completed, the check switch screen will report the result. See Figure 5.2. Figure 5.1 - Actual Screen may vary Figure 5.2 - Actual Screen may vary Dish 1000 Dish 500 Programming Switch Installed Available Satellites Dish 500 SW42 119°W, 110°W Dish 1000 SW64 119°W, 110°W, 129°W 5.3 Watching Dish Network programming Power on the Winegard Satellite Interface. In a few moments, the satellite antenna will begin its search routine. It will verify satellites and lock onto Dish Network satellite 119°W. If you have an in-motion antenna, the antenna will continue to “track” the satellite for 7 minutes after signal acquisition. After 7 minutes, it will enter sleep mode. You can watch television as normal while the antenna is tracking. For instructions on how to force sleep mode, see Section 7.3. 5.4 Satellite 129°W Notice Dish Network Satellite 129°W may not be available in all areas of the country, even under ideal conditions. Due to weak signal strength and its location over the west coast, this is especially true in the eastern and extreme southern parts of the country. If you are unable to acquire adequate signal from Satellite 129°W in your area, an alternative is to use Satellite 61.5°W for High Definition programming....

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