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User manual Bosch, model PKC845F17/01

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Select the hotplate and touch the 0 symbol. The desired x display lights up brightly. Change the cooking time or set to ‹ ‹ in the settings range. Kitchen timer You can use the kitchen timer to set a time of up to 99 minutes. It runs independently of all the other settings. Switching on the kitchen timer You can switch the kitchen timer on in 2 different ways: ¦ If a hotplate has been selected, touch the 0 symbol twice within 10 seconds. ¦ If a hotplate has not been selected, touch the 0 symbol. The V display lights up. Setting the kitchen timer Set the desired time in the settings range. When the cooking time has elapsed After the time has elapsed, you hear an audible signal. ‹‹ lights up in the timer display. The V display for the kitchen timer lights up brightly. After 10 seconds, the display switches off. Displaying the time Use the 0 symbol to select the kitchen timer. The time is displayed for 10 seconds. Changing the time Use the 0 symbol to select the kitchen timer and reset the time. Automatic time limit If a hotplate has been switched on for a long time without the The display goes out when you touch any control. You can setting being changed, the automatic time limit is activated. make new settings. The hotplate stops heating. ” ‰ and the • / oe residual heat When the time limit is activated depends on the heat setting indicator flash alternately on the hotplate display. selected ( 1 to 10 hours) . Wipe protection If you wipe over the control panel while the hob is switched on, settings may be altered. To prevent this from happening, your hob has a control panel pause function. Touch the - D symbol. A signal sounds and the display light above the - Dsymbol lights up. The control panel is locked for 30 seconds. You can now wipe over the control panel without altering any settings. Note: The main switch is excluded from the control panel pause function. You can switch off the hob at any time. Energy consumption display You can use this function to have the total energy consumption between switching the hob on and off displayed. Once switched off, the energy consumption in kilowatt hours (e. g. 1.08 kWh) is displayed for 10 seconds The accuracy of the display depends, amongst other things, on the voltage quality of the power supply. The display has not been activated. You can find out how to activate the display in the Basic settings section. Basic settings Your appliance has various basic settings. You can adapt these settings to your needs. Display Function ™‚ Automatic childproof lock ‹ Switched off. * ‚ Switched on. ™. Audible signal ‹ Confirmation signal and operation error signal are switched off. ‚ Only the operation error signal is switched on. . Only the confirmation signal is switched on. „ Confirmation signal and operation error signal switched on. * ™„ Energy consumption display(Ask your electricity supply company what the mains voltage is) ‹ Consumption display switched off. * ‚ Consumption display with mains voltage at 230 V. . Consumption display with mains voltage at 400 V. „ Consumption display with mains voltage at 220 V. … Consumption display with mains voltage at 240 V. * Basic setting Display Function ™ † Automatic timer ‹ Switched off. * ‚ - SS Cooking time, after which the hotplates switch off ™ ‡ Duration of the timer end signal ‚ 10 seconds. * . n 30 seconds „ 1 minute. ™ . Activation of the filament circuits ‹ Switched off. ‚ Switched on. . Last setting before the hotplate was switched off. * ™ S Time for selecting the hotplate ‹ Unlimited: The last selected hotplate can always be adjusted without having to select it again. * ‚ Once you select a hotplate, you have 10 seconds to adjust it, after which you will have to select it again in order to be able to adjust it. ™ ‹ Reset to basic setting ‹ Switched off. * ‚ Switched on. * Basic setting Changing the basic settings Switching off The hob must be switched off. To exit the basic setting, switch off the hob with the main switch and make new settings. 1. Switch on the hob. 2. Within the next 10 seconds, touch the 0 symbol for 4seconds. ™ and ‚ flash alternately in the left-hand display and ‹ lights up in the right- hand display. 3. Touch the 0 symbol repeatedly until the desired symbol appears on the left-hand display. 4. Set the desired value on the settings range. 5. Touch the 0 symbol for 4 seconds. The setting is activated. Cleaning and care The information in this section provides help on how best to care for your hob. Suitable maintenance and cleaning products can be purchased from the after-sales service or in our e-Shop. Ceramic Clean the hob after each use. This will prevent spills from burning onto the ceramic. Only clean the hob when it has cooled down sufficiently. Use only cleaning agents which are suitable for glass ceramic. Follow the cleaning instructions on the packaging. Never use: ¦ Undiluted washing- up liquid ¦ Detergent intended for dishwashers ¦ Scouring agents ¦ Harsh cleaning agents such as oven ...

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