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User manual Hitachi, model WR 9DM

Manafacture: Hitachi
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It’s safer than using your hand and it frees both hands to operate tool. 11. Don’t overreach. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. 12. Maintain tools with care. Keep tools sharp at all times, and clean for best and safest performance. Follow instructions for lubricating and changing accessories. 13. When the charger is not in use, or when being maintained and inspected, disconnect its power cord from the AC outlet. 14. Remove chuck wrenches and wrenches. Form habit of checking to see that wrenches are removed from tool before turning it on. 15. Avoid accidental starting. Don’t carry tool with finger on switch. 16. To avoid danger, always use only the specified charger. 17. Use only original HITACHI replacement parts. 18. Do not use power tools for applications other than those specified in the Handling Instructions. 19. To avoid personal injury, use only the accessories or attachment recommended in these handling instructions or in the HITACHI catalog. 20. If the supply cord of this charger is damaged, the charger must be returned to the HITACHI authorized service center for the cord to be replaced. Let only the authorized service center do the repairing. The Manufacturer will not be responsible for any damages or injuries caused by repair by the unauthorized persons or by mishandling of the tool. 21. To ensure the designed operational integrity of power tools and charger, do not remove installed covers or screws. 22. Always use the charger at the voltage specified on the nameplate. 23. Do not touch movable parts or accessories unless the battery has been removed. 24. Always charge the battery before use. 25. Never use a battery other than that specified. Do not connect a usual dry cell, a rechargeable battery 26. Do not use any transformer that has a booster. 27. Do not charge the battery from an engine electric generator or DC power supply. 28. Always charge indoors. Because the charger and battery heat slightly during charging, charge the battery in a place not exposed to direct sunlight; where the humidity is low and the ventilation good. 29. When working in a high place, pay attention to the activities below to make sure there are no people below. 30. Use the exploded assembly drawing on this handling instructions only for authorized servicing. PRECAUTIONS FOR CORDLESS IMPACT WRENCH 1. This is a portable tool for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts. Use it only for these operation. 2. Use the earplugs if using for a long time. 3. One-hand operation is extremely dangerous; hold the unit firmly with both hands when operating. 4. Check that the socket is not cracked or broken. Broken or cracked sockets are dangerous. Check the socket before using it. 5. Secure the socket with the socket pin and the ring. If the socket pin or ring securing the socket is damaged, the socket may come off from the impact wrench, which is quite dangerous. Do not use socket pins or rings that are deformed, worn out, cracked, or in any other way damaged. Always make sure to install the socket pin and ring in the correct position. 6. Check the tightening torque. The appropriate torque for tightening a bolt depends on the material the bolt is made of, its dimensions, grade, etc. Also, the tightening torque generated by this impact wrench depends on the materials and dimensions of the bolt, how long the impact wrench is applied for the way in which the socket is installed, etc. Also the torque when the battery has just been charged and when it is about to run out are slightly different. Use a torque wrench to check that the bolt has been tightened with the appropriate torque. 7. Stop the impact wrench before switching the direction of rotation. Always release the switch and wait for impact wrench to stop before switching the direction of rotation. 8. Never touch the turning part. Do not allow the turning socket section to get near your hands or any other part of your body. You could be cut or caught in the socket. Also, be careful not to touch the socket after using continuously it for a long time. It gets quite hot and could burn you. 9. Never let the impact wrench turn without a load when using the universal joint. If the socket turns without being connected to a load, the universal joint causes the socket to turn wildly. You could get hurt or the movement of the socket could shake the impact wrench so much as to make you drop it. 10. Always charge the battery at a temperature of 0 – 40°C. A temperature of less than 0°C will result in over charging which is dangerous. The battery cannot be charged at a temperature greater than 40°C. The most suitable temperature for charging is that of 20 – 25°C. English 11. Do not use the charger continuously. When one charging is completed, leave the charger for about 15 minutes before the next charging of battery. 12. Do not allow foreign matter to enter the hole for connecting the rechargeable battery. 13. Never disassemble the rechargeable battery and charger. 14. Never short-ci...

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