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User manual Bryant, model HUMBBSBP2017-A

Manafacture: Bryant
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Make sure the drain is open. • If your humidifier is a Model HUMBBLBP or HUMBBLFP, wash the distributor cover, sump cover, and cabinet. Be sure the inlet ports are open and clean. Then, clean the sump with a solution of detergent and water. 5. Clean the internal components of your humidifier. Wash the distributor pan with a mild detergent and warm water. Be sure holes and slots in the pan are clean and unobstructed. Wash the evaporator pad assembly in a detergent solution. If there are scale deposits on the pad, soak it in ordinary household vinegar. If the pad is covered by a heavy deposit of scale, or if the local water supply has high sulfate or calcium content, replace the pad with a new one. Contact your dealer for replacement part. 6. Reassemble your humidifier. 7. Turn on the electrical power and water supplies. Refer to the startup procedures. Model HUMBBWTR 1. Turn off all electrical power to the humidifier and furnace or fan coil. 2. Turn off the humidifier’s water supply. (See Fig. 4.) 3. Drain water from the unit. Place a pail underneath the drain plug located on the bottom of the humidifier cabinet. Lift the tab on the drain plug and remove the plug. Allow all water to drain from the unit. (See Fig. 12.) 4. Remove the front door from the humidifier. Rotate the latches one- half turn, then pull the door forward. 5. Remove and inspect the evaporator pad assembly. Lift the bearing from its retainer. (See Fig. 10.) Pull the assembly away from the motor to disengage the assembly shaft from the motor coupling. Remove assembly through the access opening. Inspect the evaporator pad. If the pad is heavily loaded with scale, or if the local water has a high sulfate content, replace the pad. Contact your dealer for replacement part. NOTE: For best performance, the evaporator pad should be replaced before each heating season. 6. Inspect the float assembly. Remove the float arm from the valve body by sliding out the pin and lifting off the float arm. (See Fig. 11.) Inspect the rubber valve seat located inside the float arm. If the seat appears to be nicked or worn, invert the seat or replace it with the spare valve seat BODY HIGHER LOWER VALVE SEAT Fig. 11—Float Arm Removal HUMIDIFIER HOUSING WATER PAN OVERFLOW TUBE DRAIN PLUG Fig. 12—Cleaning Water Pan and Unit Cabinet 9. Turn on electrical power supplies. Refer to startup procedures listed on page 2. located on the float arm. Inspect the water opening in the valve body. If the opening is clogged, use a pin to remove the obstruction. Remove any accumulated deposits from the valve body and float arm. 7. Clean the water pan and unit cabinet. Tilt the water pan and lift it from the unit. Wash the pan with warm, soapy water. Flex the pan to loosen accumulated scale. Wash the unit interior, removing any accumulated deposits. Inspect the drain line to insure that no blockage has occurred. Clean as required. (See Fig. 12.) 8. Reassemble your Model HUMBBWTR humidifier. Reinsert the water pan and drain plug. Ensure that the overflow tube is inserted into the hole at the bottom of the cabinet. Attach the float arm to the valve body by aligning the holes on both parts and reinserting the pin. Do not force or bend the pin. The float arm should have free up-anddown movement. Install the evaporator pad assembly. Ensure that the square shaft engages the motor coupling and that the bearing washer is located inside the bearing retainer. ...

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